Thursday, July 12, 2018


As I mentioned in my last post - I'm finishing up some quilts that have been sitting in my UFO pile. With this one done, I've got one more charity quilt to quilt and the pile will be zero. Yay!

Today I'm sharing another quilt from the book Modern Plus Sign Quilts, written by my friends, Cheryl and Paige. The quilt, named "Intertwined", is a classic, modern Plus quilt and I loved both how easy it was to make and how great it shows off some beautiful fabric.

The quilt as patterned is quite large. I reduced the size by cutting the border width in half and it still ended up pretty long. You can see my husband had a hard time holding it up high enough...

The color palette started with this print as inspiration. It's from Leah Duncan's new line for Cloud 9 called "No Place Like Home", inspired by my favorite movie Wizard of Oz.

I love the color palette, especially after ripping out 6 Plus Blocks that were that peachy-pink color from the print. The quilt was completely pieced before I changed my mind on the peachy-pink and resulted in 2 days of tearing out and resewing! Although once I was finished, I was so glad I took the time...

It may be hard to see the quilting - I used the Serpentine stitch, #4 on my Bernina, and adjusted the width to 3 and the length to 2.5.

The back is "Blue Birds Fly" from the Leah Duncan line.

For a binding, I chose Karen Lewis' Blueberry Park fabric and I love how the pattern changes on the binding.

The quilt was photographed at one of Greenville's newest outdoor murals on Stone Ave by artist, Annie Koelle...

The colors were a perfect backdrop for the colors in the quilt!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Spiced Chai Quilt

We may be in the heat of Summer, but I have a Fall quilt to share with you today!

Although it may look bit Summery to many of you - but this is about as Fallish as I get!

The quilt is called "Spiced Chai" and uses a traditional Tea Leaf block. The pattern is by Katie Blakesley from Swim, Bike, Quilt and found in the book Vintage Quilt Revival.

Last Fall, Katie started a Quilt Along on Instagram and since I'd been wanting to make this one, I decided to join in. The fabric all came from my stash, including the Kona Silver background. The QAL was pretty quick and I was able to keep up each week until it got to the quilting. And once I missed the deadline, my quilt sat for 9 months

I'm happy to finally have it quilted, because I love how it turned out!

I quilted it with straight lines spaced 3/4" apart, that radiated from the center of the navy block.

The backing was pieced together from some yardage of Bonnie Christine's, Buck Forest fabric and some fabrics leftover from the blocks.

Good to finally have this one off the UFO pile and ready for Fall cuddling!

Friday, June 15, 2018

More Quilts for Kids!

Kids quilts are just so much fun to make! Every step of the quilt making process is so much easier in the smaller size. Plus it goes to a kid - hopefully to be snuggled with!

I recently finished up 2 quilts that I have to share today...

 First up is a baby quilt that I delivered yesterday. It's for my nephew and his wife's new baby, Arthur (aka The Amazing Arthur)

I used a go-to pattern, Pow Wow by Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew. I've made this one several times now and it never disappoints in any color combo...

I used simple loopy quilting all-over...

I wanted a black and white for the backing and I had this cute print from Cotton and Steel in my stash. Unfortunately, I just had a small piece left, so I pieced it into a simple black and white print to make a backing. I love how it turned the back into somewhat of an I-Spy Quilt. They loved the back!

The second quilt is for my guild's charity program and the fabrics were all pulled from my stash. It's a simple star made with half-square triangles.

I used my walking foot to quilt straight lines in the star points and more free-motion loopy quilting in the background...

The backing is another pieced together one. I had a small piece of the Lizzy House Cat fabric and pieced it into the backing. I'm hoping a child will enjoy that bit of whimsy.

And that's it for today! I've been trying to little down my WIP pile, so I hope to have a few more finishes soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bjorn Bear

Hi All! I guess I took a little break from blogging. Didn't mean to, but time flies. And I have been sewing as usual, so I have a few new quilts to share over the next couple of weeks.

First up today is Bjorn Bear, a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. You've probably seen tons of these as the pattern's been out for quite some time. I have a husband who is a bit obsessed with bears for some reason and I've been thinking about making this one for a while. What stopped me was all those pieces! Each block has many different sized pieces and I thought it would be a tedious, slow quilt to make. So I finally decided to make a small version and was so surprised at how quickly it came together.

I actually loved making each of these blocks! I'm not sure why, but each bear seems to have some sort of "personality" that was fun to see emerge. Gotta love this guy with the glasses.

I had a quarter yard of Cotton + Steel's bear fabric and had to find a way to add it to the back. I framed it in black and set it into a solid aqua fabric.

It took me a while to figure out how to quilt it. I ended up stippling the gray background, wavy quilting each bear with matching-colored thread, and doing some back and forth quilting on the white muzzle. I didn't do any quilting over the black as I was afraid it would be distracting.

Needless to say, my husband loves this quilt, but it is much too small for him! I plan on giving it to the grandkids this Summer, but I may have a fight on my hands :)

Friday, April 13, 2018


Where do you get inspiration? Most quilters answer that question with an resounding "everywhere". And that is so true - inspiration is everywhere if you look for it! But how do you turn inspiration into a quilt? It's a question I've been pondering lately as I choose my next quilt projects.

As far as color inspiration, the sources are limitless. Two of my favorites are the websites Design Seeds and Love Print Studio. You can easily choose a pretty color combination and then select fabrics to match.

Quilt Shop owners and quilters you follow online often post some beautiful color combinations that you may not have considered. Save them for when you need some inspiration! I recently saw this bundle prepared by Fabric Bubb and although I didn't buy the bundle (I had several of the fabrics in my stash), I made this quilt using the color inspiration.

Room and Board - Thimbleblossoms pattern

When it comes to design, turning inspiration to a quilt is often a bit trickier. Tile patterns, modern artwork and graphic designs translate fairly easily. But can a quilt design come from anything?

I recently became part of a Design Bee with a small group in my local MQG. Each month, one of us is providing a photo as inspiration for a quilt block. We'll then make our own blocks, using our own fabric and constraints.

I've decided to make modern traditional blocks in solid colors using the elements and colors in the inspiration photo.

Here is the first month's photo:

Photo by Valorie Kasten
 And here is my block:

Though not a literal interpretation of the photo, I chose these elements from the photo: warm colors, "spikiness", and a design radiating from the center. Though not an exact replication of the picture - my block uses some of the design elements.

The second month's photo:
Follow the link to see the photo (and don't miss it, it's adorable!)

And my block:

The black in the center represents the eyes and noses of the bears. The colors are neutral except for a touch of green like the photo overall. The bears have a round shape to them and I wanted to repeat that shape in my block.

The lesson here - yes, inspiration is everywhere and you can create a quilt design by looking at and featuring the design elements in the inspiration.

It is a challenge! But a fun one and I'm looking forward to future months and more blocks!

I'll leave with another current WIP. I'll share the inspiration when it's done!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Summer String Quilt

I have finished scrap quilt to share today!

This quilt started with a piece of Anna Maria Horner fabric I've been hoarding for several years. I pulled it out and decided that I just couldn't cut it up. I knew it would be beautiful on the back of a quilt, but I only had a yard to work with. Then I decided to make a quilt inspired by the colors in the print and figure out how I'd make the back when I had to.

Once I needed a back, it turned into somewhat of a puzzle to piece it together using fabric in my stash. I taped out an area on the floor that was the size I needed, and just started adding to the inspiration piece.

I'm so happy with how it turned out! A few bits of some older Amy Butler prints and some neutral solids and prints came together nicely...

A windy day! Almost lost the quilt over the fence!

Enough about the back - the front of the quilt is from a design by Jessica of A Blue Sky Kind of Life. You can find the free block tutorial here. It's a simple String Block and although Jessica sews her strips to a foundation paper, I simply sewed my strips together and trimmed the block to 10 1/2" square. I did cut my strips a bit longer than she suggests for some extra wiggle room and eyeballed lining the center of the strips up.

You can see Jessica's finished quilt here: Summer String Quilt

It's such a fun and happy quilt. I used lots of smaller pieces and strips of fabric in my stash including low volumes. I love seeing some of my favorites hanging out together in one quilt.

I machine quilted this one with a simple diagonal grid, using my walking foot with guide to space my lines 1 3/4" apart.

I have a feeling it will be enjoyed this Summer!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Six kids' quilts in two weeks!

Many of you probably remember my goal from last year reducing of my fabric stash and I've continued it into this year so far. I recently found a great tool to track fabric usage - it was mentioned in Abby Glassenburg's Newsletter (which by the way is a great weekly newsletter!) - and I hopped over to take a look.

The tracker is a spread sheet that can be downloaded free from the Sew Jouner's Blog. I found it really helpful in documenting my fabric usage and it fits my nerdy, math-loving personality. Actually there's no math required or counting what you already have. You track how much you use and how much you buy and the Stash Shrinker is set to calculate how much you are allowed to buy using a 2:1 ratio.

Since I started tracking, I challenged myself to make 6 quilts for kids that will be donated to my MQG's philanthropy program, using only fabric I have on hand. I also wanted them to be fairly quick and easy...

I ended up using 5 different designs and made 6 small quilts!

First up is "Row Addition" from the Modern Plus Sign Quilts book that I blogged about last week...

This is a super easy and quick one! I made it in an afternoon and I was even able to cut the backgrounds from some leftover chunks of fabric. The backing is made from black and white fabric, and colorful print stripes.

Next up is an Economy Block quilt. I fussy cut a fat quarter of a cute animal print from the line "Hello Bear" and used them in the center of several of the blocks. Although the fabrics looked great together laid out, the quilt turned out rather dull and is not my favorite.

But I do think some child will love these sweet animal motifs...

This one is quilted with free-motion loops and ready to go!

The next four are quilt tops with the backings and bindings ready to go. I'll get these quilted as I have smaller, left-over pieces of batting.

First up is a simple Star quilt. This is made from half-square triangles, squares and a background strip at top and bottom to lengthen it a bit.

Next is a another "Row Addition", since the first was so quick! This one uses several Bonnie and Camille fabrics for the backgrounds with white pluses...

This one is called "Joyous Picnic" and it's a free pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics. I reduced the block size to 6" and it made a great little kids' quilt!

And finally, this last one is from an older Thimblossoms pattern called "Piece of Cake 2". I again reduced the size of the block a bit to make a nice size kids' quilt.

I'm excited to say these quilts make a nice dent in my stash and look! Here's a screen shot of my Stash Shrinker spread sheet... I can buy fabric! Which I plan to do :)