Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fabric Play...

Back when I worked in a quilt shop, one of my favorite things to do was coordinate fabrics to make up bundles. We folded them into "tulips" and made cute little packs of 8 fabrics that worked beautifully together. My friend Jean used to line her bundles up on the counter like this waiting to be folded and tied. I always thought it looked so pretty and when I pull fabrics from my stash for a project, I often lay them out just like that!
When it's 92 outside and your air conditioning is on the fritz - except for the sewing room - you start looking for things to do. I played with fabric for a while today!

Different color combination for me. I've noticed some pretty black, grey and yellow room designs on HGTV (while sitting in the sewing room) and had to try it out.

Now this looks tranquil.
I guess I'll stay cool and keep sewing!!


  1. Love all of these fun groupings of's so fun to look at!

  2. Cindy,

    Hope your air is working by now-baby it's hot outside!!! Your color choices are wonderful,as usual.I have finished the sample for B.B.S. Sweet Pea. It was fun and happy,can't wait till it's quilted. Stay cool as you are already. Jean

  3. There is nothing more fun than putting fabrics in coordinating groups. I call it quilters' playtime. Lovely groupings.
    Hope the AC is up and running for you.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  4. I love the black/yellow/gray fabrics right now and got quite a few at Lyna's before she closed...

    I am hoarding them right now.

  5. What a fun play date for fabric friends this would be!


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