Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I know... it's been a week. But I've been traveling and now my sewing room looks like this!
Another mess on the floor. So where was I? Up in Chicago doing a program on organizing your sewing room. What kind of example is this to set??

Problem is... a lot of fabric coming in. Like this little set. We visited 5 quilt shops in Illinois. My favorite was Pieceful Hearts Fabrics. They had tons of beautiful, current fabrics, including the best selection of modern lines I've seen in any retail store.

I have some digging out to do! I'll be back with some of my projects, and a finished Schnibbles for the Nov. 1st deadline.


  1. Another Root Beer Float combination....love the colors and the dot fabric!
    Pieceful Hearts, love that shop, I was there last month, but I didn't even notice the modern lines, I got lost in the batiks and civil war fabrics!!

  2. Love the block and the colors you have used. It will be a great quilts. Your pictures look like you have been having fun in the sewing room and making lots of good decisions.

    Have a super great sewing day.


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