Monday, November 1, 2010


I did a lecture for a guild a couple weeks ago on Organizing your Sewing Space. One of the things I talk about is folding your fabric for shelf storage and the fact that fat quarters are too small to store folded on a shelf. They tend to get lost in the pile. Since I wasn't following my own advice, last week I went through my piles of fabric and separated the FQs. I also found I had been lazy about washing my new purchases, so I washed loads of fabric.

Shout Color Catchers are invaluable for catching excess dye as you can see by my pink sheet.

I know it's a controversial issue, but do you prewash? and why or why not?

Does anyone know what line this print is from? Love it... found it in my stash... don't remember buying it and I have no printed selvage. I might want to find some more!

So here are my washed, folded and neatly stacked FQs.

In drawers by color for easy retrieval.

Another great tip I have is using a notebook to store all your specialty rulers WITH instructions. (This cute one found at Target).

I slip the ruler and instructions in a page protector and store in the notebook. I was having trouble finding the directions when I wanted to use one of the rulers.

Recently purchased new books - full of fun, modern patterns - I'm putting those FQs to use!


  1. nope...don't prewash unless I am cutting for a swap and it's required...

  2. Love the binder...and you sure are organized now! I have only pre-washed fabric once. It was for a red and white quilt. I have another red and aqua and white on the to-do list, and I'm considering pre-washing for that too.

  3. I definitely prewash all fabrics except those that come in BOM - some of the pieces are so small. I just recently started using the Shout Color Catchers - they are great!!! I really need to get more organized - maybe some day soon.

  4. That print is from Park Slope by Erin McMorris.

    (The fact that I knew that right away kind of scares me, considering that I have only seen it online - not in person. But this is becoming a regular occurrence. It's a bit savant-like. If only I could use my talent to get more fabric...)

    I hope this helps!

  5. I usually don't prewash, but as I prepare to make my first batik quilt - from fat quarters - I am wondering if I should?? I have color catchers, but these are deep greens and browns. Pretty sure it is going to get washed a lot because the owners have little ones and pets.

    Any advice?


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