Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hand work...

Have you noticed I've been absent this week? Saturday night I took my husband to the Emergency Room and he landed in the hospital for 4 days. Nothing too serious (although it could have been, had we not acted), just an infection that required intravenous antibiotics.

Thank goodness I had hand work ready to go! Back in the days of car pools and soccer games, I always had some hand work in the car to pass time. Luckily this week I grabbed this cute pincushion from the STL MQG swap and my Dresden blocks and took advantage of the natural sunlight in the hospital room.
I've changed things up a bit. I found this collection of Kona cottons, coordinated to Soul Blossoms at Sew Fresh Fabrics, and decided to go with solid centers on my Dresdens.
I like how the solids let the prints shine.

This quilt came back from the quilter a few weeks ago and now has the binding hand sewn down.
We're home and all is well. But I better get some hand work prepped just in case!


  1. hope DH has a restful day at home!
    love the fat cat dresdens. and I agree, solids give patterns life. Wish more designers would include coor in their precut collections.
    Blessings to all.

  2. I hope your DH is better! I had a frightening infection that required 4 days in the hospital last summer, it's nothing to poo poo! Mine could have been life threatening, but glad to hear your DH's wasn't!

    LOVE the dresdens and the solids for the centers! Makes me want to make some!

  3. Glad your husband is the hexagons!

  4. Hope hubby is on the mend and all is going well. Love the solid colors and the dresdan plate blocks, yes, the solids do let the prints shine and glow. Love them all.

    Have a super great day.

  5. I love your Dresden's, the fabrics are beautiful and your double hour glass is gorgeous!

  6. Glad your DH is okay. Can't be too careful. I noticed the labels on the solids. Are they put on by you or Fresh Fabrics? I have asked a couple of the bloggers how they organize their fabrics and keep the names, lines, manufacturers, colors straight. One can't possibly remember them all. Maybe an organizational post on this topic would be helpful to lots of us, especially those thinking of starting a blog like me. I just got an order with many 1/2 yd. cuts. I cut apart a copy of my invoice and pinned the strips of paper with the info to the fabrics. Saved a bunch of writing.
    Thanks, Nancy in Alaska


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