Monday, March 28, 2011

As predicted...

It did snow in St Louis this weekend. No gardening, grilling or bike riding.But there was some sewing. As planned, I made my quilt/throw (it has no batting) with AMH voiles. I started with 2 widths of flannel sewn together. Then I simply sewed strips of the voile (which is 54" wide) to the flannel using a sew and flip technique. The sewing took about 2 hours! Quick and easy!I wish you could reach into your computer and feel how soft this is. It drapes nicely and will make a perfect summer throw.
I also made Spring dresses for the girls and found matching leggings.

This was my first time sewing clothing in quite a while. I got out my 20 year old serger to see if I could give it a run. This is one of the first model sergers made for domestic sewers. It's a bear to thread and I gave it an hour of trying. I'm ready to toss it out, but thought maybe someone with more patience and younger eyes might want to have it. If you live in the area and would like this - it's free to a good (and patient home). Drop me an email:


  1. Wow the quilt is awesome the spring dresses and leggings are adorable! I love that Erin McMorris fabric! Good job. I wish I lived close, I'd love the give the serger a go.

  2. I've got a little stash of voile and flannel just waiting for me to get around to it. Love your color choices; so lovely!
    Cute cute cute on the dresses and pants! I'm starting to look at fabric differenly now that I've made some clothes. Fun!
    Oh that serger...tempting...tempting....I'll be honest, they scare me! =)

    Awesome stuff as usual!!

  3. CUTE CUTE dresses and leggings and that quilt is beautiful! Well some lucky duck is going to get a serger - sweet!!! I try to never let my serger come unthreaded - ugh. Mine is also a Bernette but not quite as old as yours,maybe about 15 years old. I want to get some of that voile to make a skirt for my college girl - can you tell me if it is too sheer for that? I really don't want to line it. It is going to be a drawstring waist, full-ish skirt.

  4. What a great idea. We could do with some light summer quilts-although it was finally cooler here over the weekend. Love the little outfits too,

  5. Great idea for a quick quilt. Love how easy and how bright and cheery it is. Thank you for sharing. Love the little outfits.

    Have a super great sewing day.

  6. I used a Kenmore serger from the 80's up until last winter. I bought a Bablock Evolution from Central Sewing Centre in El Cajon, CA. Paula and Mike were wonderful - discounted for not using a credit card, no sales tax because I had them ship it straight to Alaska, got the box of feet and the big instruction notebook thrown in. Kinda pricey but the last one I will buy. The two things I wanted were air threading and double needle hemming like on t-shirts. This top of the line model was the one that had both. Paula did a private workshop with me. Even with this machine, I don't unthread - cut, tie on new thread, and pull through. Only the loopers have the air thread. I would like to try quilting with the serger some day. I will probably give my serger to my DIL if she truly gets serious about sewing. I have a little of that pastry line in saffron - so light and soft. Pretty throw! N


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