Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilting with Friends...

I have no complaints. I have the time in my life at this point to quilt a lot. In fact I spend some time each day quilting. But it's not often I get to spend 4 days quilting with friends. Talking, laughing, eating, drinking and inspiring. I'm like a kid at Christmas. I so look forward to it!

Tomorrow I head to Kinderhook Lodge with 9 other quilters. I'm taking 4 projects. The first is my applique blocks from Quilting the Garden by Blackbird Designs. I've had the blocks appliqued for a year and it's time to put them together. I'm not coming home until this top is done!
I finally cut into my Bliss. I'm doing "Marmalade". The applique petals are done - now it's simply assembling the blocks.
I'm also taking Kitchen Window from The Practical Guide to Patchwork and the orange and brown color way from Sanctuary. I love Sanctuary by Patty Young. I've already designed and made a top using the blue color way. I hope to get a tutorial up for it soon.
As mentioned earlier - Penny Lane is coming too. I'll be a busy quilter! Talking, laughing, eating, drinking and hopefully a bit of sewing.

Enjoy your week!!!


  1. Got room for a stowaway?? Ha! Seriously sounds fun!

  2. I'm so jealous. It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for the fat quarter from your give away, I'm thinking it would make a cute addition to a Single Girl quilt.

  3. I love your Quilting In The Garden block. I bought the book in 2008 and STILL have not opened it! What kind of applique do you use? Your getaway sounds divine!

  4. Love your projects. Ever so lovely. I am late in commenting so I am sure you had a great and productive time.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


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