Monday, May 30, 2011

Thinking about what's next...

I'm finishing up some ongoing projects. So in between a few excursions on this Holiday weekend (including shopping for a new dishwasher) I pin basted my Hexagon quilt. You'll notice I pin baste on a table. No crawling around on the floor for me! I start in one corner and baste what's on the table, then move the quilt to do the remaining sections.I did get the quilting done. On tap a movie and binding tonight.
These blocks are finally coming together. It's working so far; I'll keep you posted!
And while I was quilting, I was thinking about what to start on next. I'm going to redo my guest bedroom this Summer. The walls will be silvery grey and I bought a really cute aqua night stand at Home Goods last week. I'm thinking of doing grey, aqua and pink.
I want a simple quilt with lots of white. Something a little whimsical and fun. I made these Asterisk blocks, increasing the size to 8" finished - it might be cute. Any other ideas?


  1. You have been busy. Love them all.

  2. Binder clips are the best! I can't baste on the floor either...and if I do, I can't walk the next day!

    I love how your hexie quilt turned out...the colors are so soft and lovely. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I love how your hexi quilt matches your blog header!! Along with your other quilts..

  4. All you projects are looking wonderful!

  5. What a great idea to clip your quilt to a table! I will definitely give that a try!

  6. wow - all of your quilts are amazing! i was just stopping by to tell you that I made your building blocks baby quilt, but i'm so amazed at everything you do!!


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