Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hexagon Hexagon

I had trouble titling this post because I've written about my Hexagon quilt several times. I promise this is the last! It's done, quilted and bound!I took the easy way on this one and just made half hexagons so it would be super easy to sew together.
I followed the quilting suggestion in the book and simply did parallel zig zag lines.
Nothing like a striped binding to finish it off!
And in case you're tired of seeing hexagons ~ a few other beauties in the garden...
Montenegro Lily
And this cutie patootie just popped up!


  1. Your hexagon quilt is very lovely!

  2. You're right, you can't even see the seam in the middle of the hexagons. I had to look back at your older post to see what you were referring to. The quilt looks great!

  3. Pretty quilt. I am obsessed with striped bindings. N


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