Friday, July 8, 2011

Everyday Sacred...

I thought about writing a blog post this morning. Although it seemed like a busy week, I couldn't think of any thing to blog about. As I went about my busy day, I thought about something I had learned from one of my favorite books, Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender. She said that in our busyness of getting things done, we often miss our accomplishments. Instead of finishing one project and moving on to the next, we need to stop and appreciate the completed project. Really take in what we've done.

It probably resonated with me because I am a project person. I'm like my Dad who we laughed about because he would get up from Thanksgiving dinner and go build something in the basement. I'm not quite that busy, but I don't sit still for too long (unless I have some sewing in my hands) and my family does tease me that I always have a project in the works.

So tonight I'm sharing and appreciating what I did do this week.

On Monday, I cut up a bunch of scraps of black and white fabrics and some colored scraps and made a pile of half-square triangles. There are lots of cool designs you can make with them - so I'll get more done and play.
Tuesday I pin basted and quilted my Joseph's Coat quilt. Simple quilting around each petal. It's trimmed and ready to be bound. I'm going to use Kona Snow for the binding which is the background fabric and hope to pick some up tomorrow.
On Thursday some fabric came in the mail as the result of some holiday online shopping. I love this "Long Live Vintage" from Fabric Worm.
In addition to some "Just Dandy" and "Alphabet Soup".
The fabric wasn't in the house more than 30 minutes and I was cutting it up. I played with the cover pattern from Living Large 2.
Today I made some wonky cross blocks to go in our charity quilts for STLMQG.

On to non-sewing activities - in addition to the normal cooking, laundry and cleaning, I painted our guest room, did a talk on quilt photography for my guild, got an eye exam and new glasses, cleaned out 4 kitchen cabinets (I'm getting rid of stuff and organizing what's left), and trimmed 2 big trees in the front yard (at the request of our mail lady).

I'm going to try to live up to the proverbial line "Stop and smell the roses". At least I hope to stop and appreciate the projects!


  1. great thoughts. great projects. amazing post.

  2. What a busy week you've had! I agree about taking time to appreciate the finished project. I'm as much about process as product, but sometimes we all move too quickly to the next thing.

  3. well....if I don't see you at guild tomorrow I will know it's because you are

    You are one busy girl...

  4. very wise thoughts!
    I guess live will go by just like a speedtrain if we don't stop once in a while!


  5. Well said - I have just finished a quilt - a UFO - and instead of stroking it, loving it and cuddling up in it I am focusing on my next target

    Help me appreciate it by dropping in here if you have time

    thanks for the wise words!

  6. Thanks for the great tips today. I'm definitely going to label my solid fabrics. Your work is exquisite! xo

  7. Thank you for your fabric folding tips. Good information. Love everything you make, such super good work. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  8. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate a finished project before moving on to the next! Like you, I am a project person and I find myself doing this all the time. I'm anxious to see your Spaghetti Junction - love the fabric choice!

  9. What a thoughtful and inspiring post! I need to read that Everyday Sacred book. I have a to do list everyday, and at the end of each day, when I'm thinking about my to do list for the next day, I focus on what I didn't accomplish, not what I did accomplish. I can do better. Thanks!!

  10. I just ordered the book from the library. I had to smile when you commented about your dad. My husband is just about as bad. As the last bite of Thanksgiving dinner is going into everyone's mouth, he's almost got the table completely cleared and is ready to start the dishwasher. My daughter and I used to just shake our heads.

    We all need to appreciate accomplishments. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  11. Your post made me chuckle, because my dad (and my sister and I) are just like that. Whereas Dad is always making remote control airplanes or fixing something, my sister and I are all about fabric -- quilting, sewing, knitting, etc. Thanks for your lovely blog, and for making me smile today.


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