Friday, July 1, 2011


Random Number generator chose #3 and so the magazine goes to Megan! Thanks for all your great comments. A few commented on how difficult the pattern looked. While it's certainly not a candidate for a first quilt - it's really quite simple. The diamonds are cut from strip sets that are sewn back together to create the large star. I do recommend doing some pinning at each of the intersections when sewing the diamond rows together. They are bias edges and this keeps them in line. I go an email from ibemomof2 because she was having trouble with just that. When I suggested she pin each intersection just as you would in making a Lone Star quilt, she wrote back saying that helped tremendously. So give it a try!

And because a blog post from me wouldn't be complete without pictures, I thought I'd share a couple of red, white and blue quilts. I don't have many - need to remedy that.

To all of you in the US - enjoy your 4th of July holiday and your freedom!!


  1. Love your red white and blue quilts...I don't have any and you are making think I should remedy that too.

  2. Love the quilt, and congrats to Megan.

  3. Congratulations to the winner!! Love the red, white, and blue quilts.

    Have a super great weekend!


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