Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Uptown Girl

I've been having some fun sewing for the girls. I was asking my self why I didn't sew this much for my own kids? Duh! Who has time with little kids running around?? So I'm enjoying this opportunity with the grand kids!

This is Maddy sporting the "Little Uptown Girl" jacket from Make It Perfect.
I love the little gathers in the front and back.
And it's totally reversible when a bit of dirt gets on one side!


  1. A cute model you have there. The jacket is darling.

  2. Cute coat so upstaged by the model - she has stolen my heart!

  3. What an adorable model!! The jacket is so cute and your fabric choices are perfect.

  4. Gorgeous.
    I am referring to Maddy and the jacket of course!

  5. It's our new Delighted! fabric line :-) We just had our launch event for Delighted, and one of our design team members spotted your post. Glad it's working well for you!

    Little Uptown Girl Maddy wears it well. Beautiful jacket!

  6. That is one adorable jacket (and model)!

  7. I love this pattern, I've made it 3 times for my daughter! :)


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