Friday, October 14, 2011

Suburban Lattice Secret Garden quilt

My "Suburban Lattice" quilt, inspired by Cara's "Urban Lattice" is done!The fabric is Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden in hyacinth blue :), soft green and bright pink.
I changed up the pattern a bit by adding that thin strip of pink and making the center a square instead of 4 triangles.
The fabric is so gorgeous and I like how the pattern shows it off so well!
The print with the keys is one of my favs.
I chose a single print for the back and quilted it pretty simply with straight lines around the center squares and curly q's in the sashing.
Does it look like I'm ready for Spring?


  1. Love both accent borders they really bring out the colours and the pattern truly showcases the fabric - the quilting is fab and all go together to make one gorgeous quilt - perfect!

  2. it's so beautiful!, that key print is one of my favs too.

  3. Wow! I really like the way this turned out!

  4. An other wonderful quilt. Your post are very inspirational.

  5. Don't you just love that key print? One of the keys in it looks just like my friends tattoo so I had to grab some up for his Christmas present.

    Also, I love how your quilt turned out! I love how you used prints instead of solids, gives it such a totally different and bright look!

  6. It's gorgeous! I just love it!

  7. Do you have a pattern of how you made your blocks? I would love to make a quilt using your pattern instead of the Urban Lattice. Please let me know! bjamber [at] xmission [dot] com

  8. I absolutely love what you have done with this Quilt-along-quilt, adding the extra narrow border around what makes a center square.
    From one Cindy To Another, Cheers, Cindy.

  9. Is this a pattern you could share or tell me where to purchase it? I have this fabric and have been looking for a pattern to show it off. Consider adding my blog to your list. I quilt, and have adventures with horses, dogs and kids in the rolling hills of North Mississippi.



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