Monday, October 10, 2011

What I've been up to...

Almost a week for me since my last post (why did I almost type confession?) And I've got a few things to show since the sewing room was busy!

This is Amy Butler's pattern, Honey Bun Pouf. I've been wanting to make one just because they're so cute. And when I found the perfect fabric at our NEW modern fabric store, I couldn't wait to start. If you've been hanging around here the past few weeks, you know where this is going :)

And speaking of our new fabric store, if you're local or visiting Saint Louis - it's definitely a must-see! Fabric Nosherie is not only filled with wonderful modern fabric, but has an atmosphere that is beautiful, relaxing and so inspiring. I'm sure they'll be seeing a lot of me!

I've also been wanting a little bag to use for my sewing supplies when I go on retreat or to a sew-in. This is from Terry Atkinson's pattern, Zippy Strippy.
I used a piece of Anna maria Horner's needlework line...
And a scrap of Loulouthi Totem inside.
I pieced together the blocks that I had made at our last sew-in and finally have a new Zig Zag top. More on this one to come...
And I've quilted my Secret Garden Suburban Lattice quilt. Just have to sew on the binding and it will be ready for it's full reveal.
And that's what I've been up to!


  1. You have been busy!! Love the last quilt - gorgeous colours!

  2. It's all too beautiful! Itchycoo Park!

  3. Your fabric choices for the pillow go together like buttah! So good! Can. Not. Wait. to see more zig zag and lattice!

  4. You've been up to lots!! Thanks for the heads up on a new quilt shop in St. Louis. I'll pass it on!

  5. That pillow is a pink and gray feast for the eyes. I'm absolutely crazy over the zig zag using JD's Heirloom. Can hardly wait for the Secret Garden reveal!

  6. Fun, Fun, Fun! I love the pouf Cindy! It will look perfect "where it's going"!

  7. Your pouf is great! I do want to see more of the zig zag quilt. How do you think you will quilt it?

  8. Oooh, can't wait to see more of your zig zag quilt! It looks beautiful! And I love your bag with the AMH needleworks.


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