Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Color, Color, Color...

Issue 7 of the e-magazine, Fat Quarterly hit the web today! It's all about color ~ my favorite topic when it comes to quilting. I worked in a quilt shop for 8 years just to play with color and fabric!

I was very excited to participate in their color challenge. We were given a fabric to work with and asked to design a block, adding fabrics from various lines to compliment it. You know I love mixing different lines so this was right up my alley!

We started with the center print below ~ it's from the line "Too Muchery". I created the block based on a tile design I'd seen. It uses a partial seam technique which is super easy once you know how to do it. There are full instructions in the magazine for the block.
Also included is a table topper using 9 blocks and sashing.
Issue 7 is full of info about using color, mixing color and more. There are lots of great patterns and ideas. Also included are coupons from some of your favorite online fabric stores. So if you're buying fabric, the issue almost pays for itself!

You can't go wrong with those quilting basics when buying. I was quickly able to pull this color combo from my stash. Can't wait to show you the modern, masculine quilt I'm making with these and a dark gray background.
Color, color, color...


  1. Had a quick scan and it seems so many people I know are in this issue - how cool is that!??

    Well done - great block - rather partial to a partial seam myself!

  2. Thumbs up! I really like the blocks.

  3. The color combinations of the table topper got my attention and I really like the block design.

  4. what a great block and quilt! very eye-catching!

  5. I made this block for a swap....really like it. I've never purchased the e-zine....I'm pretty tempted this time!

  6. Like the block...looks really effective when made up into the table topper!!

  7. It was SEW much fun bumping into you at Pannera's today....sorry for the intrusion!!! I ordered the coat pattern and can't wait til it arrives. I am sure I will post pictures on my blog when it is complete. Wishing you and the family a lovely holiday season.

  8. This quilt is really beautiful. Quite impressive.



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