Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Clean Slate...

I know I'm a nerd, but I love setting goals for the new year. I don't always reach them - but I do love to set them. Here it is the 17th of January and I'm finding my slate clean. We had a prolonged visit with the girls. They delighted in our 1" of snow. And now I'm finding the quietness both lonely and contemplative. This is more for my benefit than yours ~ but here goes:#1 - Spend less time drinking coffee and surfing on the internet. I am and always have been the worst person for getting going in the morning. I've had days when I've sat in my chair for hours, exercised, showered and found it's lunch time already. This has to stop - most days anyway :)
#2 - Improve my photography skills. I love the creative aspect of photography and have certainly learned a lot in the last year. There's so much more. I highly suggest this new book if it's one of your goals too!
#3 - Improve my writing skills. Yes, I can write a pattern, but I've never considered myself adept at creative writing. I think it's going to mean practice - but maybe you'll see an improvement here?
#4 - Sew for charity. Last year I gave several quilts to charity and you know what? I don't miss them! I'd like to make a quilt this year for my "adopted" child in Guatemala.
#5 - Make some quilts that can be used in my home. I've got lots of quilts folded up in closets because, although they were fun to make, I just have no use for them. I'm dying to try this pattern and make a color wheel to hang in my sewing studio. And close in line is this quilt. I think I've got the perfect spot to hang it!
#6 - Try some new things! Fabrics I've never used and projects other than quilts. Yesterday I made this pillow from AMH's Loulouthi velveteen line. The fabric is gorgeous!!
#7 - Update the blog. Things are already underway behind the scenes, and I hope you'll find this blog looking a bit fresher. The new design will include links to any of my free tutorials. Speaking of tutorials hope to have some new ones here this year too!

And of course all this will happen effortlessly... right?


  1. Sadly not but I think you will actually enjoy doing some of those!

    Oh and anything or rather everything by Mary is good in my books...rather fancy doing one or two myself!

  2. I like to make new years resolutions. I have a great camera and I too need to improve my photo skills. I hope you enjoy reaching your goals

  3. I am sitting on a lounge chair reading blogs while drinking coffee thinking that I should be more productive!
    Good luck with your resolutions.

  4. What great goals! Best wishes. Appreciate hearing about that book, too!

  5. I always start my new year with listing all my ufo's and setting my quilting goals for the year. I would have to echo your goal of spending less time playing on the internet. Pinterest has really cut into my quilting time!

  6. oh I just love that picture of the girls watching the snow!

  7. Really thoughtful goals; I enjoyed reading about them!

  8. The picture of the girls is adorable. Good luck with your effortless progress toward your goals.


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