Sunday, March 18, 2012

quilt recognition

I was super excited when I was asked by one of our local quilt guilds - Bit's and Pieces - to be a judge for their show. Although I hate the word judge. How can you possibly judge a quilt? How can you critique a piece of lovingly hand-crafted work? I can't - so I like to think of it as recognition for a quilt that stands out in the crowd. Something unique and beautiful as the result of painstaking work or happenstance {as both have happened to me}.

I got to choose a favorite. Phone pics don't do them justice, but Candy Grisham's Dresden quilt was my pick. An original design with a pieced background, beautiful colors and Dresden blocks perfectly placed; it was also nicely quilted.
I almost chose this one - Lollipop Trees by Carole Braig. I loved the colors and I believe this was her fist appliqué quilt.
It was a tough job giving recognition to these quilts! Here is a precisely pieced and beautifully quilted star quilt by Marsha Bray.
It was also fun to see {not judged} a display of quilts created for the Robert Kaufman solids challenge by our STL Modern Quilt Guild.
The show runs through today {Sunday} at Queeny Park in Saint Louis.


  1. You picked a good one! Hard to weigh all the factors against each other..

  2. What a beautiful show....wish I had time to drive to St. Louis today!

  3. wowie, zowie. thanks for sharing the love!

  4. Quilt Recognition. I like that!

    AMAZING work by Candy, Carole and Marsha. Really spectacular, Ladies! Excited to say I know you all! :)

    Thanks for showcasing our STLMQG booth for those of us who couldn't attend!

  5. Thanks Cindy. I really appreciate your comments. It was a great show! Candy

  6. HOw fun to be asked to participate in their show! It looks like it was an amazing show with many talented quilters... would have loved to have been tehre!

  7. Those quilts are amazing. I wish I'd been able to get to the show. I think you did a fantastic job providing recognition... what a difficult task.


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