Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Back Yard

 no quilt pictures in this post

I considered finding some outdoor activity for the holiday, but ended up staying home because I could easily retreat back to air-conditioning!

it reminded me to appreciate that I have it all in my own back yard

my garden is small ~ much like a city garden ~ but I haven't let size hold me back

I come from a family of gardeners, my paternal grandmother, my dad and my sister, Diane ~ all much more talented than me

but I do love my flowers

Plumbago ~ I've overwintered this in a pot for years and it always blooms profusely

Moonbeam Coreopsis ~ I added the pink this year ~ one of my favs

each year I plant more and more Lantana
it's a surviver no matter what the summer brings

My climbing rose is finally filling the arbor and I'm so thrilled. It had a glorious lush of blooms in Spring, and continues to give

a beautiful combo of Russian Sage and Rudbeckia
we tried to get rid of the sage a few years ago ~ it gets so big ~ my husband took an axe to the root and it still came back
I've learned to embrace it

Hibiscus ~ newly planted this Spring and struggling in the heat ~ with blooms the size of a dinner plate

Zinnias ~ my favorite filler

I have to turn upside down to photograph this lily!

I rarely use dill, but love the flower

the hydrangeas have started to brown, but bright new flowers pop up here and there

Crepe Myrtle starting to bloom ~ after our mild winter it's grown really tall

these little green seeds on the Beauty Berry bush will turn bright purple towards fall

and these white hydrangeas will turn lime green!

it's turning out to be a hot summer here in the midwest
I'm trying to be more like the flowers ~ adapt and grow
. . . Cindy


  1. Your flowers are all beautiful. I didn't realize you had so many varieties. Thanks for posting the pictures and telling us a little about them.

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love the flowering dill (reminds me of fireworks). :) I miss my own little garden, but as you so wisely put it, adapt and grow... Good to remember.

  3. Stunningly gorgeous!! Your needle and thread is held by a gardener's hand, how good is that!

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and gardening day.

  4. I love Moonbeam Coreopsis! always have. Thanks for the tour.

  5. Beautiful Cibdy! I enjoyed the little tour! I have a Hydrangea Limelight also, my monster bush has to be close to 8 or 10 feet tall. It's my favorite when it blooms!

  6. any of your pictures would be inspiration for a quilt palette! Such a beautiful garden (and I love your quilts, too!)

  7. Oh, my goodness, Cindy!! Thank you for your refreshing flowers!!


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