Monday, September 24, 2012


I love paper, notebooks, pencils, pens and markers. I have lots of sketchpads where I jot quilt design ideas and often chicken-scratch mathematical notes. I keep a gratitude journal and recently have started a journal of movies - seen and to-see.

But I've never been much of a journaler ~ although I strive to be. So when I ran across the Lil Journal Project on one of my favorite blogs, UCreate, I decided this was the perfect project for me. Ashley is providing daily prompts for writing or drawing so you don't sit empty-headed with a blank page staring at you. She's up to Day 16, but you can go at your own pace and skip anything you'd like.

She suggested buying a sketchbook with a plain cover, and of course that is the first rule I had to break. I made a cover for my journal using Rachel's tutorial at Stitched In Color. The typewriter and text print combo was totally her idea and I loved it!

here's the back...

Day 2's entry was to draw a picture of the first classroom that you remember. That was going way back for me, but I so enjoyed thinking about it. Funny how my first recollection was going under our desks for nuclear attack drills! What kid doesn't like to hide under a table?

While I was in the little project mode yesterday, I also made myself the ipad case that's been on the list for a while. I used Faith's tutorial at Fresh Lemons.

It fit perfectly!

My journal entry today was about simple pleasures and I got to use some of my favorite markers!
Hope your week is filled with many simple pleasures! . . . Cindy


  1. Love the combination of fabrics for your ipad-case. I have some of that FMF lying around...trying to figure out what to make...

  2. Hello Cindy!
    I really love your alphabeth quilt!
    And your journal cover looks great, too. I especially fell in love with the fabric with the dark background. Do you know it´s name or the name of the fabric line? Maybe I can still buy it somewhere. :-)

  3. I remember those drills. Like getting under under your desk was going to save you from a nuclear blast! WE believed it back then. We must be about the same age.


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