Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving sewing...

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I enjoyed cooking for more than 2 for a change. Did I ever tell you that I cook much like I quilt? I rarely have a list when shopping and just pick up what looks and feels good at the moment (much like fabric). When I get it home I have to figure out what I'll do with it (much like fabric). This year I made fresh cranberry sauce and added all-fruit peach pops that I had leftover from the girls' visit this Summer. A bag of apples became our Thanksgiving dessert topped with my favorite butterscotch chip oatmeal cookie. My experimenting gets results that are sometimes good and sometimes not (much like quilting). I do hope to remember my recipe when it turns out well!

Not one for crowds, my shopping consisted of a little cyber-shopping only. It left a nice long weekend for some sewing. I've been thinking about trying to finish up my WIPs and start the new year with a clean sewing slate. I'm not alone, Katy and Jessica recently posted the same resolution. So hopefully you'll see a lot of finishes in the next several weeks...

I have a few new bags on my list. First up is the Zig Zag bag from Zakka Style.

This was a fun bag to make and I'm happy with how it came out. I used natural linen and some prints from Chicopee.

 The back side of the bag is solid linen and I quilted it with a pattern of straight lines in 3 colors.

Also accomplished this weekend...
Hexagons in Loulouthi flannel. I've had this cut for a while and it literally took a few hours to sew it together.

The pattern is Rosalie from Valori Wells. These hexagons are big! 10" tall. And the AMH flannel is sooo soft - I wish you could feel it :)

And finally a couple of bindings finished. Watch for these finished quilts this week!  . . . Cindy


  1. I love the bag you made - it's very clean and simple and also looks nice and sturdy. I'm also loving that giant hexie quilt. Did you use a special rule to cut the hexagons, or a template, or just a regular ruler?

  2. Love it all! I esp. like the quilting you did on the back of your bag - in 3 colors!

  3. I have been thinkin of my LouLouThi flannel all month. I'm itching to cut into it, but waiting for the perfect pattern to come to me. I just love how you used yours. Well actually I love everything you make. But you may have just kicked me in the butt to cut into it! I can't wait to see the quilting! :D


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