Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catching Up...

You may remember I was trying to finish up some projects and start the new year with a clean slate. Well, the slate is still a little dirty, but I do have a few more projects that actually were bound at the very end of 2012.

My Ruby Strings quilt is done!

The back has some leftover "strings" and a nice red and gray fabric found on sale!

My Chevron quilt was nicely quilted by Annie, a friend from our St Louis MQG. You've seen this before, but it's nice to have it done. She quilted lovely, various designs in all the chevrons!

The back is again some leftover strips and I thought this zig zag fabric was a perfect choice.

And finally, this block made from Summersville got a border and some quilting to finish it off.

I also wanted to share my new cabinet with you. As you can probably guess, quilt storage is badly needed around here! I'm so thrilled with this cabinet, from Crate and Barrel. I've already put 7 quilts in it and there's easily room for 5 more. I just love a stack of quilts!

And you know one thing leads to another when you add something to a room. I decided to sew up some new pillows and used one of my absolute favorite Amy Butler fabrics of all time!

We're almost caught up! Next I have a few bag/pouch projects that were gifted. Then we'll be all caught up!  . . . Cindy


  1. Ruby Strings is lovely! And I love the Summersville block. So pretty.

  2. phew! perhaps I will tackle a few UFOs now.

  3. Oh my, I love Ruby Strings! And your Summersville block turned mini is gorgeous as well! I hope you had a happy new year :)

  4. Wow - I love everything in this post, from the quilts to the cabinet. The ruby strings, in particular, is just stunning! I can't keep up with all your great inspiration! :)

  5. I love that cabinet so much!! What a nice way to show off the quilts. I have pinned that picture to one of my pinterest boards for future inspiration :)

    And I may have ooohed and aaaahhed over the Summersville quilt - the border is just brilliant!

  6. Just passed on the Ruby Strings quilt link to a friend. A classic. And yours is marvelous.

  7. Love your Ruby strings quilt! Great design.


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