Monday, February 11, 2013

A free pattern and more!

Yeah! Free patterns! You can get my table runner pattern for free at Martingale's blog Stitch This! It's from the book  Gathered From the Garden and will put you in the mood for Spring (if you're not already there). And if you don't appliqué, try placing a large-scale print in the Snowball blocks. I've done it and it looks fantastic!

A little sneak peek at some progress I made this weekend...

My second Sunburst is now quilted and bound...

with some fancy quilting...

The pattern is available in this book:


And finally, I haven't done embroidery in years, so it was fun to start on Anna Maria Horner's pattern Love from A to Z. I'm stitching the word "Sew" although that's not what my husband thought of when he saw this much sitting on the table!

... I just have the "W" to go! . . . Cindy


  1. HAhahahahahahahhaha I think most men would not expect that 'w'...

    I love that quilt you're showing us from your weekend sewing! Gorgeous colors!

  2. Love the quilting on that one!!! SO pretty!

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  4. Your Sunburst quilt is breath taking, both your piecing and the quilting. Really gorgeous!
    LOLOL...Out hubby's must be a lot alike! I know my DH wouldn't have though of 'Sew' either *wink*. AND, Your stitching is lovely, you certainly haven't forgotten how to embroidery. I can't wait to see it finished.Hugs....

  5. Love, love your Sunburst! Wow!

  6. That Sunburst quilt is a showstopper. Funny about the your husband's view of the embroidery. Tee! Hee! Those men!

  7. The Sunburst quilt is GORGEOUS! And of course I love your version of Candy Necklace! You're using such pretty colors for that one, and so different from my palette, which makes it extra fun for me to see. : )

  8. You make me laugh! What pretty projects...the Starburst is my favorite!


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