Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unplanned Sewing...

My sewing seems to be very unplanned at the moment. A bundle of Tsuru sat on my table and in a bit of spur-of-the-moment sewing I made a block (top left)...

Then I made another...

and another...

The block-making continued until I ran out of solid navy and impatiently waited for more to arrive.

I ended up with a figure-it-out-as-you-go sampler quilt, full of gorgeous color and a modern take on some traditional blocks!

Tsuru has this wonderful border print that with some math and fussy cutting, I was able to sprinkle some flowers around each corner.

And to keep the unplanned projects going, yesterday I cut up a Happy Go Lucky Charm pack and pieced these cute 6" blocks. Sheesh! Now I'm waiting for a couple more Charm Packs! Planning does have it's advantages!

Happy Sewing! . . . Cindy


  1. I am on a 60 Degree Love stride (sort of like 6 degrees of separation but this is 60 and it is degrees of love!) Love the equilateral triangle block. And the Happy Go Lucky snowballs and patches block. CUTE! It makes me want to flip some switches ON and get sewing, thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I love both these quilts! How great to just start sewing and end up with something so cute. I have 2 charms of Happy Go Lucky and would love to copy that pattern? Do you mind? Are the squares 2 1/2? Such cute blocks!

  3. Oh Cindy--that Tsuru sampler quilt is just gorgeous! I hope you'll bring it to share at the next meeting!

  4. Not bad results from no planning! Very cute sampler and I love the Happy Go Lucky quilt. I think you could pattern that one!

  5. Love the Tsuru sampler. Lovely lovely - the crosses block is my favourite.

  6. Cindy, one of the things that i really love about your blog is that you always seem to be enjoying your sewing and quilting so much! Today's post is a perfect example. You are someone I'd love to "hang" with!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. These blocks just make me want to sew! They are just perfect!!!
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  8. You are so creative! I love the sampler... exactly the way I would have "planned" it!LOL Your happy Go Lucky is so cute... lots of fun going on in your play room!


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