Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching up on some quilting...

So last year I was determined to finish up all the tops that were piling up or give them away. Yay! I pretty much did that and have been determined to quilt each top as I make it ~ as all of you do?

I've done well, by keeping an ongoing list. Something about putting it down on paper, {or whiteboard} that keeps me on track. Until now... oh no, I've got 5 tops on the list. There's something about that pretty fabric that keeps calling me to cut it up and sew!

Today I promised to make a dent and pin-basted 2 tops. So hopefully, I'll have some finished quilts to show soon!

Even though this lovely fabric pile keeps calling my name. I won't touch it ~ promise. 

{I'm doing "Fresh" from Simply Retro}


  1. Your folded up quilts look really gorgeous! What a great idea, to keep track of your projects on a white bord....I need to do that :)

  2. Oh do catch up with that quilting as I'd love to see those quilts unfolded!

  3. I think 5 is ok... You could reward yourself with each finish by allowing 1 new beginning for each finish.

  4. good luck! My tops outnumber my quilts too...
    And I LOVE that fabric pile you've made!

  5. I have the same pile of fabric waiting patiently for me to finish up a few projects. I'm using my Reminisce fabric to make Cluck Cluck Sew's "Spin Cycle" quilt. It took awhile to decide since those fabrics would look good in so many different patterns. Your "Fresh" will look beautiful!

  6. Oh, you are so smart to not let your pile get too high, Cindy! These are going to be so lovely...and that collection of fabric is YUMMY!


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