Monday, September 16, 2013

My Ohio Star challenge

On Saturday we revealed our Ohio Star challenges at the St Louis Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Every single one was awesome and beautiful! You can see them here and on our flickr page.

We were to use the traditional Ohio Star pattern to make a modern quilt. I knew I wanted to create a quilt of stars in various sizes with a random setting. I remembered one of my favorite quilts by Faith of Fresh Lemons and knew I could substitute lots of Ohio Star blocks in the setting.

My color inspiration came from Rashida Coleman Hale's line Washi that I've been saving for a while. It's a scrappy quilt and I wanted to use as many of my favorite designer's fabrics as possible. The quilt has pieces from many different lines that you probably recognize.

And 17 cute, 6" Ohio Star blocks...

The back is one big 45" Ohio Star!

Be sure to check out all the others. We have one talented group!


  1. Beautiful quilt love the colour bright and happy. Thanks for sharing. Marie

  2. It's beautiful! Love all the colors too!

  3. Ooh love this but also like that deconstructed Ohio star in the second photo of your Guild meeting link! They/you are talented indeed

  4. Oh this is so awesome! Ohio stars are one of my favorite quilt blocks to make. You are so talented!


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