Friday, October 4, 2013

Garden Lattice in Nordika

When I saw Jeni Baker's line Nordika, I was smitten with the fabric but had no idea what to do with it. The lightbulb went on and I decided that another Garden Lattice quilt would be perfect. It's really a good one to showcase bold prints since the separating white strips keep everything clean and crisp. I think I've shared the top and it's finally quilted!

To mix things up a bit, I decided to set this one on point. It definitely gives an interesting new twist to the pattern.

The back turned out super cute! I used 2 widths of the panel print and I love the effect it gave! It slowed my progress some because I had to wait for additional yardage to arrive. I'm glad I waited ~ it created an interesting design!

The quilting was simple ~ wavy lines using the number 4 stitch on my Bernina, widened to 5 and lengthened to 4. The binding is the gorgeous plaid in the line which is printed on the diagonal.

In other bits of sewing, I made these bags for the grandkids. They're the Quilted Knapsack pattern from Jodi Nelson at Pleasant Home. My husband laughed because the baby is only 5 months old and not much bigger than the knapsack. He's ready though when it's time to start carrying his stuff!

I'm filling them with goodies and I can't wait to give them to the kids!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt and the backing is inspired too... love this pattern and fabric line!

  2. I fell in love with Nordika too, just haven't decided what to do with it yet. Love the concept for the backing you made.

  3. This is gorgeous! I love this fabric line, too, and so I especially love what you did with the panel for the back. Definitely worth the wait :)

  4. Fabulous, I love it on point. Really shows off the fabric.

  5. Wow! Love this so much! Thanks for making my fabric look so good! :)

  6. Gorgeous quilt, but I flipped out when I saw the back!! What a creative and awesome idea!!

  7. How much fabric did you use for the backing of this quilt, it looks amazing!!


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