Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So where did I leave off?

The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind of activity in my house with some home remodeling. And one of the rooms affected was the sewing room. Eleven years ago when we built our house, I was thrilled to get a decent sized sewing room. It's upstairs above the garage and my husband shares an adjoining office. We carpeted the rooms and the first time I tried to roll my chair, I knew we had made a mistake. All my sewing furniture is on wheels - the sewing machine tables, the cutting table, the ironing board and the storage cabinets. So I've been dreaming of non-carpeted floors for 11 years. We just had to wait long enough for the carpet to wear out a bit!

We had a window of opportunity with our installers and bought wood laminate flooring, cleared the rooms of just about everything, painted, decluttered, organized, built some new Ikea and Target furniture and we're finally back to functional. We're taking our time to move fabric, paper and books back in so we can sort through things and end up with a clean well-organized space. Needless to say, not too much sewing has been happening, but I'm pleased to say I finally got back to sewing on Sunday afternoon! Things happened quickly and I had a hard timing remembering where I'd left off!

I'll share more pictures of the sewing room when I get all the pretties up...

Does it look like I'm back in business?...

This is what I had to take off the design wall and now it's back up. And I've even added a few more blocks! The pattern is Starlit Evening from Heather Mulder Peterson's book Living Large 2 in Anna Maria Horner fabrics. The halves are not sewn together yet which is why they look a little wonky. Just a few more blocks and I'll be ready to sew these together!

One of my plans is to make several scrap quilts this year {maybe one per quarter}. I've been wanting to do the Economy Block and a quilt-along popped up on Instagram. I joined in to make my first scrap quilt of the year. My blocks are 5 1/2" using the tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts...

Some kitchen table sewing last week and I managed to get my MQG Riley Blake challenge done. Except for the quilting... gotta get to that!

In other news, Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts has relisted the Nutmeg Stars pattern. I posted my version here. You might remember that I made my blocks a bit larger. With Joanna's permission, I'll have a tutorial on the block soon along with my changes. You'll still need the pattern for the original dimensions and directions.

And finally, like much of the country, we've been super cold. Makes me want to snuggle under a quilt and do some handwork. I've been doing some embroidery and started crocheting some flowers the other night. Think I have Spring fever already? I'm thinking these may be a garland for the new sewing room? The pattern is available from Emma Lamb.

Since this sure sounds like a WIP post, I'll be linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced on Wednesday...


  1. Looks great! Do I see two Berninas? You lucky duck. Love the stars and the economy blocks. Mary

  2. Love how you used AMH fabrics for Starlit Evening.

  3. Cute WIP's you got there! I'm loving your colors on the Economy Blocks. I may have to add that to my WIP list. ;)

  4. your new sewing space looks very nice, can't wait to see it all. Pretty WIPs and can you come and do my room next? LOL. thanks for sharing

  5. I would love a design wall!
    Beautiful use of colour - that is the one thing I need to try to do this year - be bolder with my colour choices.

  6. How wonderful for you to have your sewing space back!

  7. Yay for new floors! I love those stars- so pretty! And a flowery garland is just the thing to make it feel like spring :)

  8. Your Starlit Heaven looks great! It particularly caught my eye today as my daughter has been going thru' my AMH stash selecting for a new quilt for herself!!! (She has a king size bed so I'm going to be sewing for a while!) Linda

  9. LOVE the Starlit quilt. You are so lucky to have a great room to work in like that.

  10. I have been dying to replace my Berber carpet with laminate in my sewing room. Soon, soon. Looks lovely

  11. I'm so behind on my blog reading, but wanted to say how great that you are back into your sewing room. I sure like the looks of those darling crochet flowers!!

  12. I love it all! Hey, I can't pull up the Lamb link?


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