Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nutmeg Stars

I've shared some glimpses of my Nutmeg Stars quilt and it's finally quilted! I need to add a binding before it gets it's big reveal. But today I thought I'd share a long overdue post about how I changed the pattern for this one.

I made the quilt many years ago - probably when the pattern was first released - exactly like the one on the cover, fabric and all. Last year my friend Jamie was involved with a quilt auction to provide funding for ovarian cancer research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. I lost my sister 3 years ago to ovarian cancer and I wanted to donate a quilt that I truly loved and would hopefully bring a good price. I donated my Nutmeg Stars, pictured here. Then I got a beautiful note from the woman who bought the quilt. She definitely loved it as much as I did. That's when I decided I needed to make another one - a special one for me.

And because I can't make the same quilt twice, I decided to change the setting a bit to a straight set. I thought the straight set could use a bigger block, and was able to draft it to a larger size. With full permission of the pattern designer, Joanna Figueroa, here's how you can make one too!

First you'll need the pattern, Nutmeg Stars from Fig Tree Quilts.

My block finished at 13 1/4" {unfinished 13 3/4"}

Refer to the cutting instructions in the pattern. For one block, add the following to the measurements to those indicated in the pattern:
Print for center: (A) add 1 1/4"
Print for star points: (B) 2 squares add 1/2"; (C) 8 squares add 3/8"
Background: (B) 2 squares add 1/2"; (C) 4 squares add 3/8"; (D) 4 squares add 1/2"; (E) 8 rectangles add 3/8" to the short side and 1/2" to the long side

Refer to the piecing direction in the pattern {note - the pattern makes 2 blocks at a time}. When you look at the block, you may think it looks pretty complicated. But it's actually super simple {love that!} For one block:

Follow the first step and make 4 units using the print and background triangles. It's just a simple hourglass unit...

The remaining units are made using the folded triangle method. I know you know how to do those!!

In the second step, make 1 unit using your background (C) pieces...

In the third step, make 8 units as pictured in the pattern with the (C) print squares.

Follow the block diagram to complete the block!

My quilt uses 1" finished sashing to set the quilt.

It's really a simple way to make what looks like a complicated block. Let me know if you try it!!


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    1. Hi Quilt for Fun-

      I am so sorry that you were dissapointed in the pattern. It was one of our first ever patterns before we really knew what on earth we were doing! Email me and we would be happy to send you something else newer! Joanna

    2. Joanna,
      I'm sure I will love this pattern when I make it. Quilt styles, and tastes, too, change over time. Thanks so much for your kind offer.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your sister. I'm glad that the person who ended up with your quilt loves it as much as you do. I love your new version. Such cheerful colors.

  3. I love your new version too. Can you provide any guesstimates on the amounts of fabrics needed?

  4. Your fabric choices are always wonderful. What a beautiful quilt!

  5. I love your version. Very cheerful

  6. Both are beautiful quilts. I'm not familiar with this block but I love it!,

  7. I love this version of the quilt. It really updates it, and makes the block shine.

  8. I am so making this quilt again and maybe the pattern too!! It was an older pattern and I admit, not the best :-(. So glad youi have updated it. Love, love it!


  9. On my Must Do list! Thank you to both Joanna & Cindy. I have the original Nutmeg Stars (Plan A) and find it fascinating how the orientation and color placement creates Plan B. Creativity abounds.

  10. I love this block!!! Esp the green and blue color way! :)

  11. How can I get a hold of the original pattern? I'd love to make this as a baby quilt.

    1. The pattern is from Fig Tree Quilts. If you don't find it on their website, just email them!


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