Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Outlined Plus QAL - Let's get cutting...

Have you selected your fabrics yet?If so, be sure to post them on Instagram #outlinedplusquilt

The next thing to do is start cutting. It's nice to get most of the cutting done, so that you can sit and sew whenever you get a few minutes.

I have most of my fabric cut. I usually cut a few blocks short of what I need. That way as I finish up the blocks and put them up on my design wall, I may find that I need more or less of a certain color  or value than I originally thought. I'm making the 30 block quilt and I have 26 of them cut. I'll cut the last 4 once the 26 are done. Make sense?

This block has a couple of seams that you probably want to "disappear". If you're working with a busy fabric or a solid, that will happen automatically. If you have some stripes or a directional fabric, Cheryl tells you in the pattern that you may need to alter the cutting.

There are probably a couple ways you could do that, but today I'd like to share what I came up with.

For your Plus section:

If you have a stripe, be sure to have the stripes going vertically for this diagram. When the block is pieced "B" will be sewn to the top and bottom of "H". If you cut this way, not only will your direction be consistent, but any stripes will match up because they're being cut right where they will be sewn back together. The "C" pieces move to the sides and the direction will be correct.

Here's how mine looked once it was cut and placed in position:

After doing all that fussy cutting, you want to be sure to keep the pieces organized and oriented. All my plusses are piled on a foam board covered in flannel. These are great block holders and you can find the tutorial for making them from Lori Holt at Bee in My Bonnet. I really need to make some more - they are so handy!

For the background, here's a diagram for an alternate cutting method, if you have directional fabrics or want to match stripes:

By cutting your "F" pieces as pictured {with the waste in the middle} your stripes will all line up when pieced back together. Be sure to have your stripes going vertically for this diagram.

I used my 15" square ruler to organize my pieces. Again, you want to keep them in order if you've done some fussy cutting.

I'm up to 9 blocks pieced together! Like all quilts once you get the rhythm the blocks go together pretty quickly. I made one block in about 20 minutes today {I know, I'm weird, I time myself}

Looking forward to seeing your progress!


  1. Thank you! Now I'm ready to get started!

  2. Great tip on the directional prints! Your blocks are beautiful! The block holders would be a fun guild project.

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  4. Your blocks look great. The block holders looks like a great idea, wow, never thought of that.

  5. This is such an awesome tip to get the fabric prints to match up! I agree with Paige that there block holders might be a fun guild activity to make.

  6. Did you give the measurements for the individual pieces that make up the block? If so, I can't find them. Thanks. I love the block.


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