Monday, January 18, 2016

Plans for 2016...

I had big plans to write this post last week, but the flu had other plans for me.

Back on track and ready to share some of the things I'd like to make in 2016!

With most of my WIPs finished {I'll be quilting the last one on the longarm this week}, I'm so ready to start some new quilts!

I really like having a limited number of WIPs in place. Too many kind of make me feel crazy and my creativity goes into a slump. I thought this year I would work on having no more than 4 projects going on at one time. And that's how I started...

#1 - my Outlined Plus quilt

#2 - 60 degree Stars using Paperie 

#3 - Broken Dishes using Vintage Picnic and Bonnie and Camille stash

#4 Flower Girl using this floral as color inspiration and stash fabrics

Then this idea came to me - Arkansas Traveler using Cotton + Steel

And now I had #5

Then I needed some evening handwork and started this using my Bonnie and Camille 2 1/2" squares

And then there were 6!

So it looks like my four isn't working! It was time to readjust and I've decided to work on piecing two of the quilts, work on a small project {mini, pillow, pouch} and have one handwork project going.

Sound manageable???

That being said, I haven't limited how many quilts are on my list! A girl has to dream! In fact Terrazzo is coming to the top of the list!

How many projects do you have going at once??


  1. Great projects and so organized .

  2. Lovely ideas! I always love to see what you are up to. Cindy, can you tell me if you are paper piecing the Arkansas Traveler block, or do you use a template or special ruler? Thanks!

  3. I've kind of stopped counting and focus on the things that have to get done... I used to be a one at a time kind of person but it's way beyond that now! I hope you have a wonderful 2016.

  4. I generally have two complete projects cut and in plastic bins ready to sew. These two projects are for sew-ins that I attend once a month. I generally have a project that I'm piecing and one that I'm quilting and one that I'm binding. I never have more than one project in the actual piecing stage. I do sometimes wait until I have two to baste because that's my least favorite step. I went to a lake house this weekend with some friends so I took two baby quilts to hand bind while we gabbed and then watched Steel Magnolias. It was nice having hand work to do in such a pretty setting.

  5. I completely understand. Anytime I start to limit myself, my inner child rebels and I wind up having more than I would have had otherwise.

  6. Looks like you have several pretty things going at once. I made the Arkansas Travler paper pieced pattern last spring for one of my twin grandaughter's for high school graduation. I loved working on those blocks. I did a centered spiral quilting pattern on it which turned really nice on the 60" square quilt. I find I do better with only one or two projects going at the same time. But I would love to have more as there are so many I want to get started on....but there's always tomorrow!

  7. Thanks for sharing, they all are beautiful! I should limit myself!

  8. Great projects! Sorry you had the flu and I hope that you are feeling better.

  9. I usually work on one project start to finish. Sometimes I start a project, put it aside, and work on something else, then go back to it. I'm not good at juggling projects! My year got off to a slow start too, cold not flu. But it makes me appreciate feeling better now. I'm happy you're feeling better also. I think your Arkansas Traveler project is my favorite but love them all.

  10. Too many to count!!!! Wish I could say I only had 6! I have a goal for this year though---I have to finish at least one WIP before I can start a new one. So far, I've got 3 finished and one really close for the new year!! (All are baby quilts though so they are pretty quick! But it is progress!)

  11. Great projects! I'm intrigued by the Arkansas traveler block. Did you paper piece that, use templates or specialty rulers?

  12. what a great start to 2016!!!! I'm ashamed to admit how many projects I have waiting, so I haven't started what I really want - Amy Garro's 'Little Itty Bitties'. Our guild has a sew in next week and I may begin then ... you are an inspiration!

  13. You have some great projects to play with this year! My UFO bin will hopefully shrink this year too, but I guess I will not be able to empty it this year... either...LOL :-)


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