Monday, May 23, 2016

Broken Dishes Quilt

I forgot I had a blog! Not really, but the last month has flown by...

I've been sewing but only completed one quilt in the past month. I have several others in the works - you know I'm always sewing something - but none complete.

Except this one...

I made this mini quilt/wall hanging 5 or 6 years ago. It hung in my kitchen for a while until something new came along. I had actually made another little quilt using the same design many years ago in blue and white for my more traditional kitchen.

I've always wanted to make a bigger version. The pattern is Broken Dishes and is an old traditional block, easy to find with a Google search. For the bigger quilt, my half-square triangles finished at 2 1/2" making the block 5" finished when 4 of them are sewn together. I alternated 5 pieced blocks with 4- 5" finished (5 1/2" unfinished) white squares to make a 15" large block.

The quilt has 4 - 15" blocks across and 4 blocks down to make a 60" square quilt. I started with 2 charm packs of Vintage Picnic by Bonnie and Camille, then added B&C stash fabrics.

It took me a while to make this small quilt as I fell in and out of love with it many times. But I persisted and ended up loving the fresh result!

Sorry I don't have too many pictures this time - I accidentally deleted several. I guess I'm out of practice!

Thanks for visiting - hope to see you sooner next time!


  1. I like it!
    Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring!

  2. Oh it so cute. I love the Broken Dishes block. Great fabrics you chose also.

  3. What a great quilt and love the crisp look of the broken dishes..... thanks for sharing. Your color choices are just great and would love to know what line of fabric that is....
    Thanks, Gail

  4. So fresh and pretty. Love the polka dot binding!

  5. I really like the layout that you chose; how the lattice like pattern frames the octagon and the interest having piecing on the edge. I can understand falling in and out of love with a project, and I'm glad you persisted with this one. :)

  6. Love this one. Looks fresh and easy. I love the layout and the colors you used. I put it on my must make sooner than later list.

  7. I am always falling in and out of love with my quilts during the process. I love your finish. Broken Dishes is such a fun block to work with!

  8. I am trying to get over my allergy to solids (including quilts with white/cream backgrounds) and I have a question about using solids for backgrounds. Do you purchase yards of a few neutrals to have on hand (like batting) or do you buy the solid for each quilt?

  9. Glad you persisted because it turned out beautifully!! Also love your mini version :)

  10. It's gorgeous, and your quilting is amazing as usual!! I try to remind myself to wait to the end to pass final judgement because more often that not I find I am pleasantly surprised even though I might not be feeling it during construction :)

  11. Beautiful Quilt! Love the Fabric Colors used!


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