Wednesday, June 14, 2017

RIN QAL ~ Invisible Hand Appliqué Stitch

Would you like your hand appliqué stitches to disappear like magic?

Well, there's no magic involved, but I'm back today with 3 tips to get the perfect invisible hand appliqué stitch!

1.  Use the correct thread ~ Choose a very fine thread (cotton, silk or poly will work) in a color that matches the appliqué fabric (not the background fabric) as close as possible. I'm loving the 80 weight Aurifil!

2.  Stitch the appliqué piece on the edge of the fold ~ When your needle comes up from the back and catches your applique fabric, just take a small bite (a few threads of fabric) right on the edge of the fold. When you go back into the background your thread will roll the edge of the appliqué piece under.

3.  Go back into the background EXACTLY where you came up ~ Once you've taken a stitch up and into the applique fabric and are ready to go back down into the background, be sure you are right at the same spot where you came up. You don't want to be to the right or the left of your stitch in the appliqué piece.

Bonus Tip ~
Probably the toughest spots are those inside valleys and you may have to be a bit less perfectionist there. I find it helps if you take a little bit bigger bite of the appliqué fabric (maybe 3-4 threads), then go back into your background at the same spot, but a bit underneath the appliqué piece. When you pull your thread, that edge will roll under. Honestly, some always look better than others!

The biggest tip of all ~ Practice!

Be sure to check on Cheryl's progress at Meadow Mist Designs!


  1. Practice! It's amazing what repetition does, isn't it? I love how organic these shapes are; the detail photos are lovely. :)

  2. Your excellent tips make me think I could do this! I've never had very good success with hand appliqué, other than basic, simple shapes.


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