Wednesday, June 28, 2017

RIN QAL ~ Other Methods of Appliqué

This is the final week of the Rin Quilt Along!

I hope you've had fun and learned a bit more about appliqué.

Maybe this is your first time with appliqué? My co-host Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs is doing appliqué for the first time with this project!

I've been appliquéing for years and one of the things I love about it is how many great methods there are for achieving fantastic results. It just depends on the project and what you like!

Today, I thought I'd briefly share some of the other appliqué techniques I've tried and been very happy with...

The first appliqué method I ever tried was a needle turn hand appliqué method that uses freezer paper as a guide. Your shape is cut from the freezer paper (no seam allowance), ironed to the back of the fabric, cut adding 1/4" seam allowance, and then needle turned appliquéd using the edge of the paper as a guide. In this method, you have to make a slit in the background fabric and remove the paper. This example is from my first book "Gathered From The Garden".

Machine appliqué has also been one of my favorite methods. The fabric is fused to the background with a paper-backed fusible web product, and the raw edge is machine stitched usually with a buttonhole stitch or a zigzag stitch. These flowers from my book "Flower Pots" are machine appliquéd.

I love the machine appliquéd that block Paige from Quilted Blooms shared with us!

Learn her process today on her blog...

Another method I find useful is where the edges are ironed under prior to starting the hand stitching. Although it takes more prep time, it makes the stitching very simple. It's a great method for simple shapes and I shared a tutorial here.

I use a similar method whenever I appliqué circles. I create the circle by stitching a basting stitch around the edge of the circle and using a heat resistant circle template. Just pull the stitching up around the template, starch and iron. I did exactly that for the circles in my Steam Punk quilt.

Finally, here's a fun method that worked really well in this pattern, "Memories" by Don't Look Now. The pieces are fused to the background and then straight stitched during the free-motion quilting.

These are just a few of the methods I've used. I'll bet you'll find more and tons of tutorials with a bit of searching online!

Hope this Rin Along has sparked your interest in appliqué. We'll be back next week on July 5th with our parade and prizes. You can email photos of your finished block to me at: cindy at hyacinthquiltdesigns dot com.


  1. Lovely projects with the different methods. The only hand applique method I've tried is using the heat resistant templates. The applique turned out beautifullly, but was time consuming. Thanks for sharing my block!

  2. Your work is beautiful! Do you think the method of appliqué used in the Rin quilt will hold up to wear and washing? I'm a little concerned that the fabric turned under is only 1/8 inch. I appreciate learning from your experience. Thanks!

    1. Cindy, This is my first quilt with only 1/8" turn under, so I'm not really sure? I plan on using mine for a wall quilt, so it won't really get much wear. I think I would consider another method for a quilt that would get lots of use.

  3. I also really love the Crafted Applique method that Lara from Buzz in Bumble published for raw edge applique. This is a great round up of resources and methods for applique!

  4. You share such wonderful quilting tips and information, besides being an inspiration. At a time when so many quilters are abandoning their blogs I am so happy you continue to maintain yours. I am a better quilter because of it. Thank You!

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