Monday, July 10, 2017

Tangelo Quilt

I'm happy to have my Tangelo quilt finished! The pattern is from Carolyn Friedlander and is completely paper pieced. I had been putting off making this quilt because of all the paper piecing, but it turned out really fun to make and less time consuming than I anticipated.

I started with Flower Shop, a line from Cotton and Steel and added some additional C+S basics. The background is Moda Crossweave in black. I love the look of the Crossweave, but my sewing room and clothes were covered in black threads the entire time I was working on the quit.

For the quilting I used a simple back and forth design in the background and added straight lines with my free motion ruler foot in the triangles.

The backing is a favorite print from C+S and the binding is a solid aqua. I had trouble choosing a binding and am not totally thrilled with this one. It looks a little soft in color for the quilt. I've never taken off a binding and replaced it, but I'm considering it. Although I'm still not sure what might work better.

FYI - I use a paper piecing method that utilizes freezer paper for the foundation and doesn't require sewing your fabric to the paper. It's a great method especially when it comes time to remove the paper. There are tutorials online if you're interested.


  1. This turned out gorgeous! What a wonderful mix of fabrics!

  2. I really love the colors and mix of fabrics you chose for the quilt top. When I haven't wanted to remove the binding... I've just sewn a new one on top of the old one (ssshhhh... it can be our little secret). o_O

  3. Visual master piece. Looks great.

  4. This is so cool and a fantastic color scheme. I usually spend too much time picking out the "perfect" binding so I haven't yet had binding regret! If you do decide to switch it out, I would suggest black!

  5. So pretty! Your quilting must give it really yummy texture, too :)

  6. This is beautiful, Cynthia. I love the colors, love the fabrics.
    I hate paper piecing 😬 I have learned to transfer the pattern to thin white cotton fabric.
    It is complicated to explain but I love it.
    I am working on the Facing East pattern and just a million other projects all at the same time,
    I adore this pattern and your elegant finish, now I need to add this to my list.
    Thanks bunches for sharing

  7. Really love this quilt but can't face the paper piecing. How about the coral colour for the binding if you decide to change? Thanks for sharing.


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