Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Slow Sewing

How about a WIP post today?

I've been working on some slow projects, and totally enjoying the pace.

Let's start with an English Paper Piecing project. I've tried English Paper Piecing in the past, but projects never stuck and I quickly lost interest. For some reason, I'm loving this one ~ the block, the planning, and the sewing.

The pattern is a free one, called Ice Cream Soda from Jodi at Tales of Cloth who I started following on Instagram. She sells kits with all the paper pieces, but since she lives in Australia, I decided to buy them from Paper Pieces here in the US.

It'll take some time, but I'm enjoying choosing the fabrics for each block.

This was a total spur of the moment decision! Brigitte from Zen Chic and Bernina are doing a Quilt Along for a Triangle Quilt. It's a triangle block of the month and I chose black and white, gray, bright blue, turquoise and coral fabrics from my stash to make the first block. A new block will be posted each month (the September one is up). I think I'll add some solid fabrics to keep it from getting too busy and figure it out as I go :)

I'm also working on the Magnolia Mystery from my friend Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. It's been a really long time since I made a quilt with only 4 fabrics and it took me longer to pick out he fabrics than do the first 2 steps! Luckily I know the designer and was able to get some expert advice!

Do you remember the Rin QAL? My blocks are set together and the backgrounds are machine quilted. I even added the binding, but feel the appliqué needs some quilting.

I'm thinking of adding a bit of hand quilting to each block...

but have been procrastinating because I can't decide what hand quilting design to add.

Suggestions welcome! I'd love to get this one done!


  1. I like your Ice Cream Soda blocks. I've been thinking about starting this myself but haven't settled on a color scheme or what fabric/color to use to connect the blocks. Must give it more thought.

  2. Your projects are so fun to read! I just started EPP last month! I like it. I'm making the balls on Abby Glassenberg's site. Each piece is pentagon shape.

  3. Will be checking out some of these projects, thanks for the inspiration

  4. what size crown paper pieces did you order from paperpieces.com?


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