Thursday, March 14, 2019

Midnight Mystery Quilt

My Bernina 710 is finally recovered from surgery, back home, and running perfectly! It was gone for almost 4 months and in that time a few quilt tops piled up. I'm happy to say I'm making progress on the pile-up and have a finish to share today.

This one is Midnight Mystery from my friend Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. You may remember that I started this one and discovered my dislike for yellow-green, which required me to start over.

The blocks are large, making the quilt finish at 72" x 72" and a real stretch for my quilt holder :)

If you've seen this pattern you may have noticed that mine is set a little different. The pattern offsets the blocks in the three rows, the middle row requiring half blocks at top and bottom. I didn't look back at the pattern when I restarted from the first version and completely forgot about the setting. The blocks were made and ready to sew together before it hit me that something was different! At that point, I just went with a traditional setting...

I had this Anna Maria Horner print in my stash from a sale, that I thought looked great with the colors of the quilt.

Straight line quilting again! I really felt like the quilt needed the straight line quilting to modernize the traditional blocks. And I love doing it - so there you go! The lines are spaced an inch apart and stitched with Aurifil 50 weight in color 2021.

Do you think it feels a little like Spring?!


  1. Oh I DO remember that yellow-green fiasco! Hahaha I also remember liking the yellow-green blocks. It's good you changed them to something you like. How funny you forgot setting. I did this mystery with you and it's sitting on the table ready to be quilted. Starting on it after work tonight.

  2. I think your setting also looks beautiful. And yes - it definitely looks like spring - maybe even early summer. Love the vibrant pink with the turquoise and aqua. Congrats on the finish! And glad to hear your machine is back and healed :)

  3. Your midnight mystery looks wonderful and the backing fabric goes perfectly with the colors in the top.

  4. I'm so glad your Bernina is back and working well again; I can't imagine being without my machine for 4 months. The backing fabric is so perfectly paired for the quilt it's hard to imagine you didn't start with it as inspiration for selecting the fabric for the quilt top!


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