Sunday, November 14, 2010


This weekend I got to attend my first meeting of the Saint Louis Modern Quilt Guild. This is turning into a wonderful group of quilters filled with talent and enthusiasm. So many of us start quilting because we love the craft, but find the friendships it creates are more valuable than the quilting. I'm so excited after quilting for so many years to make new friends, get inspired and learn something new. I'm following all the blogs of our STL Modern Quilt Guild members. You'll find them here if you'd like to also.

I also finished up the quilting on my Root Beer Float this weekend. I used 2 of my favorite and easy marking methods. The first is painter's masking tape. It comes in several widths and is perfect for marking straight lines. I used the 1 1/2" width to make straight lines on the outer border. (Use a walking foot or a dual feed).

I have widths from 3/4" to 2". I love the look of parallel lines unevenly spaced. Having different widths is perfect for marking that.

I used my Quilt Pounce (aka Swipe) to mark a design in the small stars. You can make your own templates using Golden Threads paper. After drawing the design on the paper, perforate the paper by stitching it with no thread in the machine. Lay the paper rough side up on the quilt and slide the Pounce over it. The Pounce is filled with chalk that will iron off when you're done. It's so quick! Love it!
The block quilted:

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  1. Now adding a pounce pad and golden threads paper to my wish list!


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