Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greenfield Hill

I was really reluctant to buy Denise Schmidt's new line "Greenfield Hill". But I know myself and when I start seeing all the beautiful quilts everyone starts making, I'll be scrambling to find some. After visiting some of my favorite bloggers for inspiration, here, here and here, I ordered a pack from Fabric Worm. It was one of their custom bundles, so there were a few coordinating pieces from other lines as well.
I added a few from my stash...

And ended up with a very rich looking blend of fabrics that I'm really happy with. My mix includes 2 pieces of voile that are part of the "Greenfield Hill" line. They're my favorite prints in the line, so I had to include them, but have never worked with voile before.

I decided to use the pattern from The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman called "Superstar". It's a pretty traditional block, but uses solids to make it a bit more contemporary. I plan on using several neutral solids in taupes, creams and tans.
I tried 2 blocks today, using a slight variation to the pattern. I made the background pieces a little larger, so the points will not go to the edge of the block. I think that will make me happy when I go to put the blocks together.

I found the voile a little tricky to work with. The piecing went fine, but there is a little shadowing through of the seam allowance on the front of the block. Any suggestions? Have you used voile in quilts?


  1. I think the voile will mellow out a bit once you actually get it on top of batting & quilted - I used AMH voiles in a quilt, and it looked (and felt!) great once quilted - my only mistake was to use a less substantial solid RK voile also, and you could really see the seams on that - the prints & quality of the Free Spirit voile really help to disguise the seams in the finished product!

  2. Your fabrics look so lovely together, I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

    Thank you for including a link to me!!

  3. I love the blocks! I can't wait to start sewing with this fabric!


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