Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hand quilting

I used to hand quilt everything. Back in the days when machine quilting had the look of a mattress pad. It's been years and I've kind of missed it. Of course I haven't missed the length of time it takes to hand quilt a quilt.

So I've decided to combine a bit of machine quilting with some big-stitch hand quilting.
It's really the perfect winter evening, relaxing activity.
I'm using size 8 pearl cotton and size 5 embroidery needle. I like the slowness!
To answer a few questions:
My collages were done on a free photo editing site ~ picnik
My bowls came from anthropologie (one of my favorite places :)


  1. I love your hand quilting and the quilt is stunning!

  2. Love it so far! This is going to be another beauty!

  3. Oooohhh....I spy another awesome quilt by Cindy!

  4. i haven't hand quilted for years either! i love the look of it, and i love to see that it's making a comeback, but i can't decide if i want to start up again. i may have gotten my fill years ago! :)

    happy stitching!

  5. Beautiful quilt and very lovely stitches.

  6. Thanks Cindy for the link to worked a treat...feel free to check them out on my


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