Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Sewing

It's going to be a quiet weekend around here - some laundry, some baking and maybe some knitting while watching the Superbowl commercials.

So last night I played with fabric looking for some weekend sewing projects. I quickly made this block - it's the Honey Bee blocks from my book Flowers All Around. I love this block and have been wanting to redo it in modern fabrics.
I'm making 4 blocks and it will be a nice little mini quilt.
I also pulled this group for a new Starburst quilt - AKA "Welcome". I have to whittle the stack down to seven - mmm...
I'm also getting ready to start my Pyramid quilt. I found a nice gradation of grays in my stash.
And some of these will go in there too!
Sounds like enough to keep a girl busy for a weekend. I'd even like to add in a fun little Valentine project!


  1. Hi Cindy: Again...I love everything you are doing. I've 'pinned' some of your boards too! Few years ago, I did 2 Honeybee blocks...not near as cute as this one tho'!

  2. Oh, having a bit of a swoon over your projects and fabrics here. drool... :-)

  3. I've never seen this block's so dang cute!!


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