Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blocks for Aiden

In the Redbird Bee this month Kyndra asked us to make a block of our own choosing for her 6 year-old son Aiden. She gave us fabrics in teal, navy, grass and chocolate.

I noticed that the teal matched the blue in Summersville and decided he might like a row of those cute cars from the line. The block is a variation of a Pineapple block.

She also included this adorable sock monkey fabric and I had to make up another little bonus block using the monkey fabric. It may or may not fit in with the final quilt, but I thought maybe she could add to it and make a pillow or something! 

Thanks, Kendra. It sure was fun playing with Aiden's fabrics! . . . Cindy


  1. These are so adorable Cindy! Aiden is going to be thrilled!

  2. CUTE! I love that first block. I have a pineapple block in my list of favourites to try, and I love yours!

  3. Super-cute, Cindy! Love the addition of the Summersville!

  4. Fabulous block! How cute is the sock monkey fabric!!

  5. Gorgeous block, I was just sketching something similar the other day for a quilt for my son! Love those rich colors, too :) The Summersville was the perfect touch!

  6. Love the teal and navy. Absolutely darling.

  7. I love the Sock Monkey fabric! Am new to quilting but love to make American Girl doll clothing -

    Just visiting,
    Katie from

    Happy Creating!

  8. Love that monkey block and the pezzie print is perfect with the monkey. So whimsical! N


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