Friday, June 1, 2012

Pyramid Quilt

On to a new project! I've been smitten by this Pyramid Quilt from Anthropologie (though, it looks like it's no longer available if you're wanting to spend some big bucks).

And when I saw Mary's rendition, I knew I had to try one!

I decided to create a bit of an ombre effect by positioning my solid triangles from light to dark down the quilt. I cut out lots of pyramids, sewed them together in pairs and put them on the design wall. Agh! I wasn't liking the look and had spent a whole day cutting and sewing.

I've been known to scrap a project at this point, but I was determined to push on. I went to EQ and drew out my idea. I kind of liked it on paper!

So yesterday, I sewed together what I had so far and voila! Love it! I'm learning - sometimes you have to push ahead, look at the big picture and do some more sewing before a design comes together. It certainly is the sum of it's parts.

And now I'm thinking of adding a "touch" of red.

The challenges of a quilter! It is what makes this fun! . . . Cindy


  1. Love this inspiration quilt and yours! It's beautiful!

  2. wow! extraordinary! I think the red will really give it a pop :O) I'm interested to see how the overall design changes with the addition of red so keep us posted.
    Oh, I love that last print--I have just a smidge (as in one small strip) left and have always wanted more. what is the name/designer/maker of that? thanks!

  3. oh my this is inspiring!! Just beautiful!

  4. Woo, I like it a lot! Now the thought process begins on how to quilt it!!

  5. Beautiful! What are you using to cut your pyramids? A 60 degree ruler? I am looking to add that one next to my stash, I am just wondering what you have. :) Oh and what version of EQ do you have, that will probably be for Christmas...

  6. Wow, Cindy! So amazing and beautiful. Where are you going to put the red? It will add a fantastic element to the quilt for sure!

  7. I loved Mary's, but yours is incredible, too, and so different. While hers is eclectic and energetic, yours is so serene. And way to go matching those triangles. It's not easy!

  8. How timely this post is! On Friday I picked up a 60 degree triangle ruler I ordered at my local shop to make a baby quilt for a friend. I love your quilt and can't wait to see the whole thing! You are always an inspiration Cindy!


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