Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I really love my stash...

I've had some visitors in my sewing room recently and there are always comments about my stash. So many sewers feel very guilty about having a big fabric stash. I always think of it as a palette, just as a painter would have a palette of colors to work with. When you're working on a project, don't you feel you need just the right fabric immediately? And as long as your family has food on the table ~ it's okay to buy some fabric to stash.

I recently cleaned up, organized, and weeded out some fabrics. Many charitable organizations love donations - I've got a box for our local Quilts of Valor group.

Thought you might like a little tour of the stash ~ while it's in some order. My solids are folded in skinny rectangles and piled by color.

I have several designers' fabrics that I keep together because I'll probably use them together. Bonnie and Camille...

Including lots of these scalloped stripes. Love them for bindings. You can see I may have bought the gray twice - whoops!

Amy Butler...

Anna Maria Horner...

The rest of my fabrics are sorted by color and folded using Jeni's method from In Color Order. Here's one bin of multi-colored prints.

My daughter was looking for some yellows for a project and we found them quickly because they're all folded neatly in one bin.

My goal is to keep the amount limited to the bin space. I'm having a problem with gray lately ~ doesn't seem to fit!

I seldom buy whole collections. New additions are usually favorite prints in my favorite colors. Then it's a game of mixing and matching trying to find the perfect combination!

Yes, I do love my stash  . . . Cindy


  1. When I started quilting a year and two weeks ago I thought I'd never have a stash because I've got an accountant's brain and buying "maybe" fabric just didn't compute. Well, as my bookshelf and my checkbook will tell you -- stashes have a mind of their own! Food and shoe diets are much easier to stick to than fabric diets!

  2. Beautiful, Cindy. I love the colors and your organization. I am fortunate to have received some of the weeded out fabrics. Thank you again.

  3. WHATS NOT TO LOVE !!!!!

  4. Ooooh, I do love to see other folks's stashes! Yours is so nice and tidy :) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I love your stash too! Lots of beautiful fabrics to dip into. I am working on building mine, slowly.

  6. Oh,it's so fun to see other quilters' stashes. I always feel better about mine when I see someone else's! Yours is lovely, and I really like how you have it organized.

  7. Every time hubby complains about my growing stash ... I show him a blog such as this! I am off the hook again. Not for long, I suspect!! Thanks for sharing your pretties.

  8. You have a very pretty stash! I keep mine folded in bins too, but my bins aren't anywhere near as pretty as yours! Just found your blog today--so many pretty projects!


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