Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travel Sewing Kit

Yesterday was the monthly get-together of our girls' sewing group. The company and food are the highlights, but we also usually try to engage in a bit of hand sewing. Two hours before it was time to leave, I decided to make a sewing kit to carry my supplies in. My overachieving self though for sure I could finish in time. That didn't happen, and my sewing traveled in a handy but not-cute zip lock bag. But today I put the finishing touches on a Travel Sewing Kit.

I wanted a vintage look, so I used a piece of Vintage Modern for the outside.

The inside is made of some of my favorite "sewing" fabrics ~ Sew Stitchy and Half Moon Modern.

The kit is really cool. The left side has a pocket, a strap for holding thread and a felt needle-book.

There's also a pocket for your scissors and 2 pockets on the right.

So, I've started a little EPP project.

More on that to come!  . . . Cindy


  1. Oh, I just love your mix of fabrics. So cute!

  2. glad I am not the only one who thinks up quick things to do things last minute.. and if you had stuck with the plain simple version would have maybe got them done. But after starting, you think, oh I could add a pocket here and a zipper there and it would so much better. All of a sudden it's time to go and you're only half way done. lol!! Late or not it turned out GREAT, Love your fabric choices.

    BTW did you design Ann's (patches etc)flower basket of the month (tan pindot basket with button and different applique flowers) years ago? My completed quilt blocks, patterns, templates I had made for blocks, setting kit, and backing were destroyed by my son and his brain dead girlfriend. GRRRR! Would like to at least get the patterns again. They were so cute and I loved making them. I asked Chris when it first happened if I could buy them again, or if she would contact Ann or designer, but she never gave me an answer. She was more concerned that I had lost my own original sketches for my patterns (redwork-bee tree designs). I remember your name from Ann's shop just couldn't remember everything you designed. Please contact me if you are designer or if you know who did!

  3. Your travel kit is very cute and you are now ready for next time!

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