Monday, July 14, 2014

Gypsy Kisses

Gypsy Kisses - from the fabulous book Material Obsession 2...

This has been one of those slow, but oh-so-satisfying projects.

 I started piecing the arcs last Fall when I was lucky and got a FQ bundle of April Showers.

With those completed, it turned into a waiting game until I could get the April Showers navy yardage that I wanted to use for the background.

Then came the slow process of appliquéing the arcs and the eyes to the background...

And although it's a big quilt, I decided to quilt it myself. There are some quilts where I just can't give up control of the quilting finish. After weeks of thought, I actually ended up with some very simple quilting. Realizing that the quilt is very busy and that any fancy design, probably wouldn't show up much anyway - I went with simple wavy lines around the arcs and stippling in the background. A gray thread on the arcs and a blue/gray thread in the background {both Aurifil 50 wt} turned out perfect.

This was a tough one to photograph - the navy makes the camera want to overexpose. Here's a snap of the full quilt, but I have to say it's prettier in person!

One of my favorites!


  1. Another showstopper! I can only imagine the number of hours you put in on this one; the outcome is definitely worth every moment.

  2. Beautiful quilt; it's very inspiring!

  3. This quilt is absolutely beautiful. And I love the way you chose to quilt it, too.

  4. Oh, how yummy! This pattern has been on my "Have to Make This One" list for awhile now. Your finish is re-motivating!!

  5. This is beautiful! What a labor of love!

  6. Love your fabric choices and pattern. Your quilting is great, too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This has turned out wonderfully. Nice choice of binding too. You must be so proud !

  8. Looooove this quilt and the color combo!!!

  9. Looks great in those colours. Love the fabric you chose to be the background.


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