Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday

First, thank you for all your nice comments and encouragement from my last post about our upcoming move! I haven't had time yet to respond to all of your comments, but I've read them all and shared them with my husband. Y'all are so sweet!!

I've been doing way more cleaning than is typical around here, but that's almost done and I've squeezed in a little sewing time here and there. I've got a couple of WIPs that have been sitting around and thought maybe I should get going on those.

I finished up the blocks I had started on retreat last month and sewed them together into a top this week. The pattern is "Sparklettes" from Fat Quarter Style. I thought I'd change the setting a bit and simply added background strips to square up each block, then alternated their direction.

Next up is my Glam Clam quilt. I bought some Cotton + Steel lawn for the backing and am ready to get this pin basted. I'm at a loss on how to quilt it. Any suggestions??

So that's what's going on here! Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced!


  1. I love how you changed up the Sparklettes pattern, it looks great! The clams are beautiful and that voile is gorgeous! I think it would look cool to echo the curves so each clam is like a rainbow :)

  2. I suppose - it would look nice to do just one echo inside each clam, to show off each clam shape. But I don't think I would have the patience to do that. I see on your sideboard you are the author of Gathered from the Garden quilt!! I make that quilt - loved doing it. I was so impressed with the instructions!

  3. Love the setting for your Sparkletts quilt.

    May I please a nosy question? I'd love to know where you purchased the rack/table you use as a pressing station. I need something similar in my sewing roon. Please and thank you.

  4. I love your quilts! As for how to quilt your glam clams, maybe a wide grid with horizontal lines across the widest part (the edge of what I think of as the mushroom top) and vertically through the center point. Then you could hand quilt a simple outline inside you most favorite clams in perle cotton.

  5. Love both of the quilts. I just quilted my clamshell quilt and I used a loopy panto on in. I was too overwhelmed by the thought of doing something custom and the prints were so busy it would have been lost. Whatever you do, it will be great because the top is gorgeous unquilted!


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