Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New, New, New...

So many new things here. New city, new house, new friendships. I do love new, but sometimes miss the comfort that comes with familiarity and history. I remind myself of the familiar girl scout phrase, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold".

I'm finding that common question come up - "so what do you do?" And that funny look when you tell someone you're a quilter. How do you explain modern quilting in this day and age? I've stopped trying and just shake my head when they tell me their Grandmother was a quilter.

I seldom make quilts with a room in mind or a spot in the house. Except when I do a little redecorating. And with a new house, every room is a redecorating work in progress. So I've started a couple quilts with new rooms in mind. More new quilts...

I've always appreciated "minimalist quilts", but never have made one. I thought the family room could use a minimalist throw in teals, blues and grays and started on this...

It's quite easy and fun! I like how it's turning out...

And my Ikat quilt top is done. This will go at the foot of the bed in the master...

My Hello Darling fabric was calling my name. I decided to use "Shimmer" a pattern from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. It's a complicated block, that she made super easy. I'm enjoying putting these together.

Speaking of new, my blog has a new look thanks to Rebekah from Rebekah Louise Designs. She was so great to work with and gave me a brand new "look". I've added a new page called "My Quilts" and will keep adding some of my favorite quilts with a link to the blog post for more info. If you're in a reader, hop over sometime and let me know what you think!

I'm starting to feel good with the "new"...


  1. i somehow thought you might be involved in all the flooding...and it looks like all is ok. Whew! Love your quilts!

  2. I get the same comment "my grandmother quilts" and have decided to take that as a compliment because my grandmother was awesome. So the next time you hear that think of a cool granny :). I love all of your quilts and you inspire me. I cannot get enough of that ikat quilt and may have to put that on my list.

  3. I like your new blogsite: it suits the style of your quilts. Embrace the new!

  4. I noticed your new blog look immediately! Very nice! Loving your quilts!

  5. I was thinking of shimmer but it looked awfully hard - thanks for the encouraging words! By the way, make sure you go to "Fall into Greenville" downtown this weekend - it's awesome!!!!

  6. I've moved before (several times) I know having everything new can be a bit weary. Saying you are a quilter, doesn't usually get people jumping up and down. They think - BORING! When I moved to a new job position they knew I was a quilter and later told me they were so surprised I was fun to be around. I do love all your new quilts. They would all go perfect in my house. Maybe I need to start collecting teal fabrics (again!).

  7. I like the new blog layout and design, it really suits you well!

  8. I love ur version of shimmer and I was curious if there is lots of leftovers or is it a no waste block?

  9. How exciting to have a new home to fill with new quilts made especially for the space.

  10. How can I get the Nutmeg Star Quilt pattern, it is not available through fig tree quilts right now and I really love this pattern.

  11. Hello,
    I love your Ikat quilt Top! Is this one of your Patterns? Where can I find ist?
    Thanks a lot,


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