Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quilts on Beds?

My friend Anne from Batiks by the Bay recently had an interesting dilemma. She doesn't make large bed quilts, so she needed something to put on her bed that went with the cushions (pillows in the US) and the wall hanging she had made. I had to comment because I also don't make bed-size quilts. {I'm way too impatient to stick with a queen/king size quilt}

I thought I'd share what I do on my beds. They all have some kind of neutral bed covering and I fold the quilts at the bottom. This way I can change out the quilt at whim. This is a simple white quilt I found. It has horizontal straight lines quilted on it. My Mid West Modern Amy Butler quilts looks great...

As does my Stacked Coin quilt.

In this bedroom I have a white matelasse coverlet. I love those because they have the texture of quilting. Here is my Star Struck quilt on it...

Or I can switch it to Root Beer Float.

This bed has a pick-stitch quilt from Pottery Barn. I got it on sale at a really good price. At the foot is my Red Velvet quilt made from French General fabrics.

I love the texture in the Pottery Barn quilt.

So what's on your beds?


  1. I love that Pottery Barn quilt with your quilts! I'm wondering if that large stitch would present a problem with my dog and his nails...which is why I keep my quilts folded on the foot of my bed!

    Where can I find that Root Beer Float pattern...I searched on Google, but came up empty handed...I'm calling The Hickory Stick, as soon as I think they're open to order Star Struck, do they also have Root Beer Float, is it in a book? THANKS!

  2. I do the same thing! I have the white matelasse also...right now my Wild Thing is on the end of the bed...

  3. Thanks for the advice Cindy. I ended up getting a beautiful blue quilt cover. It looks great with the wall hanging. It still doesn't look good with my lap quilts or cushions so I will have to make more!!!

  4. You sure know how to make a room feel welcoming, warm, and cozy. Love all that you have shown us today.

    Have a super great day.

  5. Oh my gosh! I do the same thing ~ with matelasse coverlets and PB quilts.

    I used to make bed-sized quilts ~ those measuring 90" x 90" or larger ~ but don't do as much of that anymore. Time, photography and storage are all factors, but like you, I like being able to change the look of the room quickly and easily without changing all sorts of bedding. :)

    You're brilliant... but then I already knew that.


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