Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Binding weather...

Lots of snow and it's the perfect weather to sit under a quilt, watch some TV, drink a glass of wine and sew on a binding. This quilt came back from the quilter last week and, my goodness, am I happy with it! The pattern is from the first issue of Fat Quarterly and the fabric is Hope Valley and Kona Snow (appropriate!).
My newest quilt always goes on the back of the couch ready to pull up for an afternoon nap.


  1. I didnt' realize you had made that quilt for Fat Quarterly. I love it and it is on my list of patterns to make.

  2. Gorgeous! Love that Hope Valley fabric :)

  3. This is so pretty in Hope Valley fabrics!

  4. oh this is amazing! Can you add it to the Fat Quarterly Flickr group? And you should definitely enter it in the Fat Quarterly competition!


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