Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stuck in the Sewing Room!

We woke up to a temperature of 57 degrees in the house this morning. Not a good sign when the thermostat is set at 68. Several hours wait for an emergency technician and a few more hours for everything to warm up forced me into my sewing room. With it's own heating unit - it was toasty warm!

Our STL Modern Quilt Guild has joined the One Million Pillowcase Challenge, so I made 5 pillowcases this morning.
So much fun finding fabrics that might play nice together in a pillowcase.
Then I raided my Kona fat quarters to build a 30 fabric rainbow of solids.
I'm starting this project by Lizzy House. My inside ring will be solids. Next I hope to find a print that matches each solid to use for the outside ring.
I'm up for the challenge!


  1. Lovely pillowcases but I hope it is warmer in your house now!

  2. Oh those warm solid colours should be enough to warm you up! Gorgeous - love the pillow cases!

  3. Am I the only one that hyperventilates when I see that many colors of Kona all at once? Whew!

    The pillowcases are really cute. :)

  4. Pillowcases are so much fun to make - and yours are adorable! BTW...I'm hyperventilating with Jane over your Kona collection!

  5. Wonderful pillowcases and your box of Kona has me drooling! I'm a sucker for rainbows anyway! Have fun!

  6. Wow! I wish I had pillowcases that looked like that...they are beautiful!! Good work!!

  7. Brrrr. I'm glad to see you are making the best of it! The Colorist project looks like fun, hadn't seen that one before.

  8. Is there a standard size for pillow cases in this project? I can sew, but I've never made a pillow case! You're are beautiful!

  9. Such cute pillowcases!! I've been trying to figure out what to make my niece for her birthday - think I just found it! :)

  10. We are considering making pillowcases for the Orphanage our church
    supports in Zambia.
    I think we can get standard size pillows for about $5 at a big
    box store, and they have a cargo container so size and mailing
    fees are not an issue.
    How much fabric does one case take?
    Approximately how long does it take to make one case?
    Your pillowcases are absolutely gorgeous !!
    - Wanda


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